mohammed bin salman

Mohammed bin Salman WSOC-TV Would you like to receive news alerts from WSOC. El príncipe heredero de Arabia Saudita, Mohammed bin Salman, en el centro de la espalda, llega la apertura de la cumbre del Grupo de los 20 en Centro Costa Salguero, en Buenos Aires, Argentina, el viernes 30 de..

brett kavanaugh and mohammad bin salman

I find it fascinating that President Trump is comparing the controversy surrounding Brett Kavanaugh to the controversy swirling around Saudi Crown Prince Mohammad bin Salman.. After all, Trump is right in one major respect bin Salman is entitled to be presumed innocent of the charge that..

Epic: An Interview With Salman Rushdie

It was the day of the year, week and the first interview Salman Rushdie was giving for his new novel, The Golden House, published this month by Random House. ... I know who you are, and we exchanged niceties and I walked off staring into my flute and eyeing the metal detectors and hordes of..

king salman and the saudi ulama

The unity between the king, his son the deputy crown prince, and Wahhabist scholars is everywhere in evidence, including stronger relations with Muslim Brotherhood's Qatar-based, Yousef Qaradawi, and the presence of the conservative Shaykh Salih al-Luhaydan at the side of King Salman.. ..

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