george santos

BREAKING George Santos to Step Down From House Committees. The New York congressman, famous for his fibs, his colleagues that he'd temporarily step aside because he was becoming distraction... ..

george santos news: republican's lies exposed

Republican George Santos reputation has been dealt fresh blow after acquired records contradict claim the politician made about where his mother was on September 11, 2001. Santos has claimed that his mother was at inside World Trade Center during the terrorist attacks, and records obtained..

another day, another george santos revelation

One of this week's George Santos revelations came from veteran who says Santos stole $3000 from fundraiser for his sick service dog. Vice reports that along with lying about being Jewish,  using stolen checks Brazil, and essentially inventing out of thin air much of his resumé you can..

speaker george santos

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piecing together the santos mystery

By putting together extremely wealthy people who want to buy and sell things to each other, Santos says he made this crazy amount of money. ... And there are multiple links between Devolder Organization, the outfit that made Santos and former executives at Harbor City... ..

a double standard for santos

Many properly Republicans, as NBC News explains, are chiding Santos for his behavior, thereby playing into the calls from Democratic leaders for Santos to resign, result that would reduce Republicans already razor-thin in House. ... Democrats have about as much of right to scream about..

george santos is presidential material

Congressman-elect George Santos, if that's his real name, won upset race New York's Congressional District this past midterm or did he.. ... How the press only caught on to the fraud for now, let's focus on George Santos, in Republican Party... ..

santos declared himself ‘proud american jew’

-elect George Santos, lied about his Jewish heritage and has admitted he fabricated key details of his resume, said in Monday evening that he never claimed to be Jewish, Forward reports.. in paper shared with Jewish and pro-Israel leaders during the campaign and obtained by Forward, Santos..

santos - pele's memorable goals

Pelé was fouled to set up the penalty, then hit low shot into the in the 78th minute, giving Santos 2-1 win. ... It was another one of Pele's goals not caught on tape, that Pelé crossed the length of the field dribbling past his opponents before finding the net to lead Santos to 3-1..

anderson dos santos

Learn more about Anderson dos Santos UFC history, fighter facts, and Q&A below... ... UFC Fight Night Dos Santos lost three round decision to Andre Ewell. ..

troi santos

NEW YORK CITY Another Filipino this time tourist from Cebu was attacked. byTroi Santos. ... The remains of John Albert Bustamante Laylo, the prosecutor from Philippines who was shot last. byTroi Santos. ..

ana p. santos

Santos is journalist based Manila, Philippines. Her work focuses on sexual health rights, gender issues, and the heartbreak of living in the only country in the world without divorce.. ..

neal francis, dos santos - isthmus

Opening is Dos Santos. . $17 ($15 adv.). . media release: Chicago-based singer-songwriter-pianist Neal Francis has shared his new video for the song “Problems,” the latest single from his new album, In Plain Sight (ATO). ..

santos, product catalog

This passion for innovation has been present Santos since our beginnings and continues to remain present today. ... SANTOS has no products yet to add your product claim this profile to add your product claim this profile to add your product claim this profile to add your product claim..

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