letter: senate trial

I have just sent email to Senate President Mitch McConnell requesting that he live up to his oath and promise to be in the impeachment of President Trump... ... Regardless of those facts, I implored him to bring all the available facts before Senate and American people order that the..

senate amendments approved

Senate amendments to the bill were approved on Monday in House of Representatives, where Attorney General Faris Al-Rawi reiterated that he had no financial ­interest related to the legislation.. Al-Rawi, in moving motion that Senate amendments to the bill be considered declared, said. ..

'senate bully'

THE debate on amendments to two anti-terrorism Bills in Senate yesterday descended into interlude, during. ... Senate then passed the regulations with the support of both sides... ..

virginia state senate

Barbara Favola star, poised to become chairwoman of Senate if Democrats seize control of Senate. ... Senate Minority Leader Dick Saslaw had primary opponent, Jimmy Carter was in White House and Bee Gees were at the top of the charts. ..

st. john’s senate update

The SJU Senate was called to order for their meeting at 20 p.m on Monday, Oct 21. ... Senate voted to table the request because St. Swanson asked Senate for $750 to fund the 30 tickets to the upcoming 14th Polidazzle Social on Nov 19th. ..

the obstructionist senate

As of July, in their first year as the majority,   House Democrats had passed total of 569 bills that are blocked in Senate. ... When Senate passed House resolution to get U.S forces out of Yemen, Trump vetoed it.. ..

senate irrationalities

In legislature, we label Senate which we use to refer to House of Representatives. ... This would require determination, and it's the burden of Senate, to ensure that such determination is made. ..

senate shock

The failure of no-confidence move against the Senate, Sadiq Sinjrani, is embarrassment for the upper house of parliament. Given public expectations, political parties from both the opposition and the treasury field qualified and committed people to the Senate. ..

about the senate

The President & Vice- Chancellor of University is ex-officio Chair of Senate. The eighth, and current, Chair of Senate is President Franco J. list of past chairs of Senate is available below. .. ..

extravagant senate building

Indeed, the 11-floor office building, with a total floor area of 8.5 hectares, which the Philippine Senate is putting up in due course at the Bonifacio Global City, cannot escape strong public condemnation. . ..

9th senate: leadership squabble in 8th senate

ABUJA — AHEAD of the inauguration of the Senate, Chairman, Senate Committee on Media and Public Affairs, Senator Aliyu  Abdullahi, has allayed fears of Nigerians on leadership crisis in the Senate as it was in the 8th... ... majority of my colleagues mounting pressure on me to..

senate session

Later, Senator-designate Kelly Loeffler is scheduled to be sworn into Senate. ... Later, Senator-designate Kelly Loeffler is scheduled to be sworn into Senate... ..

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