israeli forces arrest al-shifa hospital director

ALBAWABA - doctor at Al-Shifa Hospital Gaza City told AFP that the director and several other personnel were arrested by Israeli forces on Thursday.. ... Khalid Abu Samra, chief at Al-Shifa Hospital, said. Doctor Mohammad Abu Salmiya was arrested along with several other senior..

ehud barak misleads about the shifa tunnels

BARAK It's already known for many years that they have in the bunkers, that was built by Israeli constructors Shifa, was used as command post of Hamas. ... This reality has not stopped internet trolls from claiming that Barak admitted that Israel, not Hamas, created the tunnels under..

shifa hospital evacuated as strikes kill dozens in gaza

Israel's military has been searching Gaza City's Shifa Hospital for a Hamas command center that it alleges is located under the facility — a claim the militant group and hospital staff deny. ... Israel's military said it was asked by Shifa Hospital's director to help those who would like..

this word means: al-shifa hospital

Dr Ghassan Abu-Sittah, British doctor working at al-Shifa described Israeli claim as an outlandish excuse., by The Guardian said. But Ashraf al-Qidra, Gaza's spokesman, said Mohamed Abu Silmeyeh, director of al-Shifa hospital, said on Saturday.. ..