sony as automaker

Akihabara News — At recent trade show, Sony unveiled car called Vision-S, rs. ... With the center screen, you can control the settings on interface that also allows you to play Sony-branded movies, music, and games.. ..

sony rx100 vii review

There's hell of lot to love about Sony RX100 VII - and the price will be big stumbling block for many.. ... Sony has strayed far from its design playbook for RX100 VII, following pretty much the same design and layout as its predecessor, Mark VI. ..

sony reveals playstation 5 hardware

Aside from the console, Sony gave further glimpses of PS5's new controller, and HD camera, pulse 3D wireless headset, dual charging station and media remote.. ... With PlayStation 5, we are making significant leap to deliver truly new generation of transformative play experiences that will..

sony zv-1 review - news

Sony also point out that the selfie cameras on mobiles are usually the quality, another advantage for ZV1, while the windshield on top of Z-V1 and the input on the side combine to provide much better audio.. ... Sony Z-V1 offers easy sharing with your smartphone via Imaging Edge Mobile..

sony a6600 review

Sony A6600 has the in the series, thanks to the bigger battery  . The mode on the top offers the usual shooting modes, including S&Q mode. ... That's not saying it's perfect we would still like to Sony upgrade to USB Type-C port and add fast charging let us use the in the menus and..

sony news & rumors

Sony's PlayStation lead confirms more PS5 details ahead of E3... 181. Just What The Hell Is Sony Doing With PS Plus... 89. Sony has unannounced second party exclusive... 209. ..

sony vision-s concept

Most notable is the network of cameras, which represent Sony leveraging its business to build out its automotive-grade offerings.. ... That's why, Sony is using Vision-S to show off other technology built for the sector. ..

canon vs. sony

But that's where Sony shines.  Canon entered the full-frame in 2018 with EOS R, and it's still catching up to Sony in this department.. ... With smaller mirrorless cameras, that variation can flip — Canon EOS M50 is $200 cheaper than Sony A6400 .. ..

sony creates colossal 16k screen

Sony's display contains 16 times meaning it can show images in far more detail than normal.. ... The development was announced by Sony at National Association of Broadcasters trade show, which is being held Las Vegas... ..

sony xperia l3 review

Sony Xperia L3 also has 32GB of storage, double that of some cheap phones.. ... compare it to Moto G5, and Sony Xperia L3 can seem step back. you'll use the button when you want to turn Sony Xperia L3 off completely. ..

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