soviet rockets on way to hanoi via china

Nixon is due to in Kremlin for summit talks, Soviet sources said American blockade would not affect Soviet military aid to North Vietnamese. ... By the naval blockade came the day after the departure of Soviet assurances here that Russian aid for North Vietnam would not be..

soviet history vladimir putin?

As result, Communist control over Soviet Union collapsed, contributing to Great Depression... ... Having succeeded Stalin at the helm of Soviet Union's Central Committee by way of Party of Communist Party of Soviet Union, Nikita Khrushchev was First Secretary of Central..

"we need new stories of post-soviet jews"

IN FAMOUS SOVIET JEWISH JOKE,  the wise guy Rabinovich, in the prodigious corpus of Soviet Jewish humor, receives offer from CIA. ... In Soviet Union, Jew would have been referred to as evrei without the modifier sovetskii, definitionally, Soviet one. ..

project muse - soviet-american academic exchanges,

Soviet- American Academic Exchanges, 1958 1975... This volume analyzes academic exchanges between United States and Soviet Union, from 1958 through 1975 in the framework of Soviet- American cultural relations and of Soviet- American relationship. Academic exchanges with..

the sources of soviet conduct

The personality of Soviet power and circumstances of the power which they now have exercised for nearly three decades Russia. ... But United States has it in its power to increase the strains under which Soviet policy must operate, to force upon Kremlin degree of moderation and..

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