inflation: the soviet tool for destroying money

While Russia was inflating its economy to literal death, many western intellectuals viewed the failing Soviet experiment through rose-colored glasses. ... Although Bukharin was unwilling to denounce socialism, he recognized that market reforms—albeit modest ones—were necessary to prevent the..

the day a soviet moon rover refused to stop

The second, and what turned out to be the last, Soviet rover to operate on the lunar surface blasted off on January 8, 1973, and landed on the moon eight days later. ... Unfortunately, Soviet lunar program had lost momentum by that time, and Lunokhod-3 never had chance to fly.. ..

snapshots from soviet lithuania

Ignalina, 1964 In striking 1964 portrait by Antanas Sutkus, Lithuanian Pioneer does not smile — despite the fact that it's September 1, decreed by Soviet Union's Central Committee to be the day of school, day of celebration. ..

soviet milk, nora ikstena (book review)

Seen through the eyes of two women whose lives are structured by the state and by Soviet patriarchy, Ikstena's post- Soviet novel of Latvia figures Baltic state as anti- Soviet nation. ... Nora Ikstena's Soviet Milk is important and touching portrait of motherhood,..

the first year of soviet power

This entails makeover of the violently anti-soviet activities of Mensheviks and SRs, and omission of Western-sponsored efforts to drown the blood. Rabinowitch, however, includes wealth of material on SR and Menshevik anti-soviet machinations and also shows how British embassy operated. ..


German ...

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