5 notorious russian (and soviet!) hackers

The Soviet criminal code did not stipulate what to do about cybercrimes and, therefore, Urtembayev was found guilty of hooliganism and received a suspended sentence and a hefty fine, too. He also became the first Soviet hacker to be caught. . 2. Stepanov, Petrov, and Maskakov — The first..

soviet memories (part- iii )

The Supreme Soviet was the top in Soviet Union just like in other countries consisting of two chambers Soviet of Union, and Soviet of Nationalities .. ... In 1983, Gorbachev had visited Canada as Soviet agriculture minister and struck chord with Yakovlev about..

i miss my soviet diafilm projector

For Soviet Union, the once widely tech could not compete with VHS, except I was not interested VHS. ... The truth is that I hoard, occasionally, Soviet tech and other things — Zenit and Lubitel 2 cameras, one 0s wind-up clock nested resin, my passed grandparents medals.. ..

ex-soviet correspondent passes away

He was school gentleman, Last Magician of Soviet epoch. Georgy Sturua was prominent apparatchik, founder of Social Democratic Party Russia and Chairman of Presidium of Supreme Soviet of Georgian SSR.   ... Melor Sturua was Soviet commentator to interview President of United..

classic review: soviet kitsch by regina spektor

Soviet Kitsch, is, at its heart, set of piano ballads. She grunts, coos, belts, oohs, and ahs her way through almost every song on the tracklist, weaving these vocal ticks in with melodies organically to entrancing effect.. ... for all its musical strengths, the true value of Soviet..

soviet star andrei myagkov dies at 82

The actor was known for Soviet film 'The Irony of Fate MOSCOW Andrei Myagkov, Russian actor. Myagkov starred in some of the biggest classics of Soviet and 'The Irony of Fate 1976 comedy continues to be watched across Russia and the countries of the ex- Soviet Union on every New..

ideologies behind the soviet power

The personality of Soviet power and circumstances of the power which they now have exercised for nearly three decades Russia. ... But United States has it in its power to increase the strains under which Soviet policy must operate, to force upon Kremlin degree of moderation and..

review: a soviet massacre, uncovered

All the same, the fact that this is how an actual 1962 Soviet feature would have been framed and shot occasionally makes Dear Comrades! ... At least during her front-line WWII experience (one of many details that establish her as an exemplary Soviet woman) she knew who the bad guys were. ...

sam carr and toronto's soviet spies

While Canadian government was concerned that Carr and his Communist comrades would hamper the effort, this kind of disruption had not been their goal ever since Germany invaded Soviet Union in 1941. Carr helped Soviet Union build their North American spy network among soldiers and..

the soviet campaign to eliminate passover

One of the most episodes in the long history of anti-Semitic persecution is Soviet anti- Jewish of the 1920s. ... Red Haggadahs, several were published in the 1920s with the explicit goal of replacing belief God with faith in Soviet Union, and they have been the subject of published..

the post-soviet twilight

In retrospect, it's clear that sometime during the summer of 2008, between nato Summit in the spring and the outbreak of Russo- Georgian War that August, consensus among Western leaders about what do with post- Soviet world disappeared. ... they may have improved from the depths of the early..

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