stop concealing soviet crimes « eric margolis

let's take moment to recall the greatest mass killer of prisoners during World War II, the by now forgotten Soviet Major General Vasily Blokhin.. ... They helped draw the US into WWII, and they also masked the alliance between the US and Britain with Soviet regime.. ..

a soviet new year, with mayonnaise

Behind the glass, the mayonnaise had grayish tint that would turn green once it mixed with the ingredients of Olivier, Soviet rhapsody of cubed boiled potatoes, bologna, eggs, pickles, and canned green peas.. ... The grocery on the shelves of their grocery stores, the friend of friend cans of..

queer life in the soviet union

The in the Great Soviet Encyclopaedia was soon updated, describing homosexuality as shameful and criminal., and revealing the decay of the ruling classes.. ... Stage Vadim Kozin, for example, was one of Soviet Union's biggest celebrities, diva famous for singing love songs and refusing..

the soviet symphonist

In Soviet Union, it's duel between composer and tyrant of Stalin bullying Shostakovich on the telephone, and of the shy, twitchy-nervous and composer writing unmistakably in when Stalin was gone you're dead, and I am alive.  . ..

soviet nukes and ufos -

Nikolai Kapranov, advisor for Russian Parliament, Knapp and his associate Bryan Gresh were able to meet and interview Boris Sokolov, Soviet Air Force Colonel. In essence, says Knapp, order went off from Ministry of Defense to every in Soviet military empire to investigate, report on, and..

soviet human rights under gorbachev

He Freeing couple of int known Soviet human rights activists guarantees worldwide headlines for most Soviet citizens, there has been no general improvement Soviet human rights practices under Gorbachev It also masks the fact that Consistent and widespread violatio ns of human rights..