version of Robert Mueller's report is released and thousands rally Sudan demanding civilian rule.. Both candidates claim Israel's, Algerians reject president and death toll rises in anti-government protests Sudan.. ..

sudan after bashir

The civility of Sudanese elite crosses political divides, to the astonishment and perplexity of foreign mediators dispatched by the UN or Western governments to try to resolve Sudan's wars. ... By civilian council, They issued declaration on January, the anniversary of Sudan's..

sudan restructures military council

Khartoum — Sudan's military council on Monday said it was restructuring the military command council and appointed Col. ... American actor George Clooney, who has campaigned hard to draw attention to the conflict in Sudan's Darfur region, over the weekend urged world powers to pressure..

sudan president bashir ousted: sources

Sudan has suffered prolonged periods of isolation since 1993, when United States added Bashir's government to its list of terrorism sponsors for harbouring Islamist militants. ... By persistent protests sparked by the Since December, Sudan has been rocked's attempt to raise the price of..


Protests have taken place in towns and cities across Sudan power for 29 years, to step down. ... By its own forces or cooperate with Sudan has failed to conduct credible investigations into alleged crimes International Criminal Court. ..

sudan: media coverage of sudan demonstrations

But the international press began to show concern although most of international western press and news agencies do not have representation or Sudan.. ... Other regional and international press and media agencies such as African News, Toronto City News, National Post, and Fox News have also..

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