egypt - sudan

Sudan's military ruler visits Sisi Egypt.. view... Sudan summons Egypt ambassador over disputed territory.. view... Sudan lifts 17-month ban on Egyptian goods.. view... Sisi backs South Sudan peace process Khartoum.. view... ..

can sudan be saved?

NEW YORK Sudan is on the threshold of disaster. On June 3, paramilitary forces opened fire on peaceful pro-democracy protesters Khartoum, killing over 100 and wounding hundreds more. ... This spurred TMC to initiate negotiations with representatives of Sudanese Professionals Association, which..

sudan: no surprise

By the regime to torch villages and slaughter their inhabitants in western, In Sudan, that group began already at war with the local farmers. Omar al- Bashir, Sudan's dictator since 1989, created them to carry out in the separatist western province of Darfur, crime for. ..

south sudan / displaced return

APRIL 2019, JUBA, SOUTH SUDAN 11. dozen displaced people have chosen to return to their homes South Sudan's Jonglei with the support of the UN Mission in the country.. Three blood sisters readying to leave United Nations Mission South Sudan Protection of Civilians site located..

sudan after bashir

The civility of Sudanese elite crosses political divides, to the astonishment and perplexity of foreign mediators dispatched by the UN or Western governments to try to resolve Sudan's wars. ... By civilian council, They issued declaration on January, the anniversary of Sudan's..

sudan restructures military council

Khartoum — Sudan's military council on Monday said it was restructuring the military command council and appointed Col. ... American actor George Clooney, who has campaigned hard to draw attention to the conflict in Sudan's Darfur region, over the weekend urged world powers to pressure..


Protests have taken place in towns and cities across Sudan power for 29 years, to step down. ... By its own forces or cooperate with Sudan has failed to conduct credible investigations into alleged crimes International Criminal Court. ..

uk in sudan

UK special representative for Sudan and South Sudan... Imagine spending year living beside Africa's river and then not seeing those waters again for over thirty years. ..

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