rishi sunak scrambles to tame tory revolt

Sunak is facing moment of maximum danger. The decision to block the cornerstone of his pledge to 'stop the boats, plays into Tory mood since he fired Suella Braverman on Monday. By unleashed stream of invective against, The secretary, darling among party populists, had raised the ahead of..

rishi sunak warns of ai risks

Sunak's comments came ahead of global gathering of AI experts and policymakers that he has convened next in southern England to examine the risks of the technology. ... Sunak said that China had been invited to the summit, and he could not guarantee that representative of the country..

sunak still lacks a coherent economic policy

Sunak still lacks a coherent economic policy . The Conservatives’ approach of austerity mixed with nimbyism fails to meet the scale of challenge at home or abroad . ... Cameron hits out at Sunak for scrapping northern leg of HS2 . October 04 2023, 6.35pm . | Isobel Frodsham | . . ..

uk's sunak defends climate policy shift

Sunak had told news conference on Wednesday that UK was adopting more., proportionate and realistic approach to meeting the net zero target.. ... By the resistance to his plans because people, In televised remarks during visit to Essex, England, Sunak would be undeterred. want to see..

sunak: 'ai doesn't respect national borders'

Prime Minister Rishi Sunak has warned of AI poses again today Artificial intelligence does not respect borders and UK must lead on drawing up regulation for the technology, Prime Minister, Rishi Sunak, said today.. ... Sunak does that he wants to make UK the home, and the home..

rishi sunak

British Prime Minister Rishi Sunak has reaffirmed his commitment to a truly ambitious free trade agreement with India and indicated his plans to visit New Delhi for G20 Summit September.. ... We're making great progress together on Roadmap and we want to strike truly ambitious trade deal that..

don’t backtrack like sunak - the lawyer

Don’t backtrack like Sunak . . . . We recommend activating Javascript in your browser. . . . . ... Prime Minister Rishi Sunak delivered what for many will have been a pretty depressing speech at the Conservative party conference about how the government will roll back green policies in..