why hollywood needs sundance more than ever

Why Hollywood Needs Sundance More Than Ever. Hollywood had, to put it politely, very in 2023. ... We went to Sundance Film Festival again this year, memory, we talked to several of the festival's filmmakers and programmer about why film festivals are still key part of the ecosystem, and..

the highs and lows of sundance 2024

The film went into the festival already under the auspices of A24, and one hopes that revered studio will position and package the film to capitalize on its Sundance acclaim. ... Thelma is, in some ways, quintessential kind of Sundance movie idiosyncratic, crowd-pleasing, and offering..

'ponyboi' star river gallo on sundance success

Sundance project: “Ponyboi,” written by and starring Gallo, follows an intersex sex worker named Ponyboi in New Jersey over the course of a rather eventful Valentine’s Day. ... I’m just like, ‘OK, I guess this is my life now,’” Gallo says the day after the film had its world premiere..