superman vs. the nazis

In February 27, 1940 issue of the Look, Superman declared war on Hitler and Stalin almost two years before Pearl Harbor and America's in the war... ... Several accounts attribute the article directly to Josef Goebbels, Goebbels had conniption about Superman in the middle of Reichstag..

superman & lois review

By switching the focus entirely to different, Supergirl switched things up Kryptonian, and now Kara is flying off into the sunset, Superman & Lois needs to do something completely different to justify the existence of yet another Superman show... ... The idea is that this show will juggle..

trump's kryptonite is thinking he's superman

Trump's kryptonite is thinking he's Superman . The US president has failed to recast his fraught relationship with both the pandemic and the society it has devastated . . . . ... He planned to pretend to be exaggeratedly feeble, only to tear off his jacket and shirt to reveal a Superman..

ruby-spears “superman

Most of us can talk about Fleischer Famous series of Superman theatrical shorts or even Filmation saving Saturday morning with The New Adventures of Superman series in 1966 and Superman The Animated Series that debuted from Warners in 1996.. ... The opening credits used version..

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