swedish government pledges support for 2026 olympics

STOCKHOLM — The Swedish government is getting behind the country's bid to host the Winter Olympics, aiming to match Italian bid. ... Swedish Olympic Committee operating Peter Reinebo said taxpayers would not foot the bill for the games, anchored Stockholm with events held around the..

swedish firm exported toxic waste to chile

Swedish mining Boliden began shipping toxic waste from its Rönnskärs smelter to my town, Arica, Chile in the mid-1980s, when we lived under the rule of Augusto Pinochet.. ... On March 27th of this year, the decision of Swedish Appeal Court will be issued, and the victims here Arica..

swedish teen sparked school climate action

Swedish teen who inspired school strikes to demand action on climate change says she has just showed way to make your voice heard... Swedish teen Greta Thunberg has joined scores of young students outside Swedish parliament as part of global wave of school strikes urging action..

swedish word of the day: kille

Both English 'kid and Swedish kille come from Old Norse word kið, and the diminutive suffix -ling was later added to emphasize the 'young. In Swedish, killing is the word for 'kid meaning 'baby goat, while kid means deer, and kille means young male human.. ..

swedish vallhund dog breed information

However he came into existence, Swedish Vallhund, also known was farm dog for centuries, herding cattle, driving off critters, and acting as watchdog. ... Swedish Vallhund is smart, energetic, and alert, all in compact, agile package that makes him choice for the family. ..

swedish match: full year report january

During 2018, Swedish Match distributed 5,423 MSEK to its shareholders in the form of dividend, dividend and share repurchases.. ... This information is information that Swedish Match AB is obliged to make pursuant to EU Market Abuse Regulation and Securities Markets Act. ..

a swedish christmas

Now, it's hard to imagine the impact this program had on Swedish psyche. But this Christmas potpourri, comprised every year of Ferdinand, Chip 'n Dale, and Snow White, became Swedish Christmas tradition. ..

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