syria: never again

The action is part of campaign to extend Turkish control of more of Syria, swath of. ... By allowing ethnic cleansing to remove Kurds from Syria, U.S may be seen as accomplice to Erdogan's war crimes. ..

syria: endgame

In Libya, Iraq, and Syria, American involvement was kept to minimum. ... Not wanting to commit the resources necessary to build functioning states, we left Iraq, abandoned Libya, and turned blind eye to Syria. ..


Hundreds of British special forces soldiers will be pulled out of Syria if the US military withdraws. ... President Trump has given the green light to Turkish invasion of northeastern Syria, saying that he is.. ..

syria decries us-turkish deal on 'safe zone' in

DAMASCUS, SyriaSyria on Thursday accused Turkey of expansionist ambitions, saying Ankara's with Washington to set up safe zone in northeastern Syria is escalation and violation of Syria's sovereignty.. ... s to Syria said the collapse of the cessation of..

architecture from syria

With conflicts raging on in countries like Syria and Myanmar, and climate change set to lead to increased sea levels and crop failures, the crisis is being recognised as one of the foundational challenges of the twenty-first century... 08 30 - February, 2019 © Alberto Cosi. ..


  Russia and Syria called for refugees to return and Syria passed laws to facilitate reconstruction even as it continued to violate human rights... ... Government Policies Co-Opt Aid and Reconstruction Funding Syria... ..

syria – amanpour

It points to Syria's as the main breeding ground... But without Syria, I do not think ISIS would have become  ISIS, CNN's Michael Holmes, in for Christiane Amanpour, on Tuesday.. ... Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi, the leader of then Al Qaeda Iraq, the precursor to ISIS, sent men over into..


Govt forces backed by Russian airstrikes continued to take ground from rebels Idlib west, while U.S and Turkish forces conducted first joint patrols safe zone along Turkish east. ..

syria sitrep

It's that many of these new arrivals are ISIS terrorist who fled from Syria to Turkey and were then routed towards Idleb. ..

war in syria

By rescuing civilians from war zones in, They made name for themselves Syria, and now they are danger 422 members of Syrian aid White Helmets and their families have been rescued from the in the south of Syria - by Israeli army. ... The foreign ministers of the contact group on..


Pope Francis denounced the logic of armed power Yemen, Syria and other Middle East wars on Monday on landmark visit to Arabian where Islam emerged, telling Christians and Muslims that conflicts brought nothing and misery and death. 04 Feb 2019... ..


Pedersen, UN Special Envoy for Syria  in statement to Constitutional Committee, Oct 9... ... Since 2012, Council has adopted 23 resolutions on Syria or related to Syria.. ..

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