Iranian tanker suspected of transporting oil to Syria has been blocked from refuelling Greece, prompting.. ..

un / syria update

The UN calls on all parties to the conflict to deescalate the in the northwest part of Syria, to recommit to the cease fire memorandum of understanding between Turkey and Russian Federation that was signed September of 2018.. 6. ... The UN called on all parties to the conflict to deescalate the..

syria decries us-turkish deal on 'safe zone' in

DAMASCUS, SyriaSyria on Thursday accused Turkey of expansionist ambitions, saying Ankara's with Washington to set up safe zone in northeastern Syria is escalation and violation of Syria's sovereignty.. ... s to Syria said the collapse of the cessation of..


By Sara Flounders December 24, 2018 The announced of the remaining 2,000 U.S troops from Syria and partial... By Karin Leukefeld October 17, 2018 Syria, provoked by Western imperialist powers in 2011 and bringing enormous... ..

architecture from syria

With conflicts raging on in countries like Syria and Myanmar, and climate change set to lead to increased sea levels and crop failures, the crisis is being recognised as one of the foundational challenges of the twenty-first century... 08 30 - February, 2019 © Alberto Cosi. ..


  Russia and Syria called for refugees to return and Syria passed laws to facilitate reconstruction even as it continued to violate human rights... ... Government Policies Co-Opt Aid and Reconstruction Funding Syria... ..

syria – amanpour

It points to Syria's as the main breeding ground... But without Syria, I do not think ISIS would have become  ISIS, CNN's Michael Holmes, in for Christiane Amanpour, on Tuesday.. ... Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi, the leader of then Al Qaeda Iraq, the precursor to ISIS, sent men over into..


Fighting intensified west while Turkey and U.S made progress in negotiating creation of safe zone along Turkey-Syria border. ... At Syria- Turkey border crossings thousands of Syrian protesters Aug decried Ankara's alleged acquiescence to govt advances and demanded refuge Turkey, Turkish..


Pope Francis denounced the logic of armed power Yemen, Syria and other Middle East wars on Monday on landmark visit to Arabian where Islam emerged, telling Christians and Muslims that conflicts brought nothing and misery and death. 04 Feb 2019... ..

syria: al-qaida's advance in northern syria

It highlighted the growing threat posed by al-Qaida at time when its rival, Islamic State group, is on the verge of defeat and U.S is preparing to withdraw its 2,000 troops from Syria. ... ``Such scenario would be he said, referring to the months of heavy fighting over Syria's in 2016. ..

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