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Afghan universities reopen for first time after Taliban takeover, and with few women. Most secondary schools for girls and all public universities were closed when Taliban seized power last August. 14.4k 7.. ..

the taliban olympics: women only

The Taliban Olympic spokes said, Meh. The spokesman did not say in which competitions he felt the women of his country would excel every I said something like, Would not being covered like that kill the female athlete. he just kinda smirked, sometimes laughed, and repeated, Meh. ..

talking to tehreek-i-taliban

The agreement has been brokered by Afghan Taliban, with Taliban Deputy Information Minister Zabihullah Mujahid saying that there are bright chances for these talks to succeed in ways that would end the war and integrate TTP with Pakistan. ... The 'victory of Afghan Taliban..

american taliban

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taliban detain prominent critic

The Taliban have arrested Kabul professor who gained national fame for berating senior official on television, sign of the intensifying crackdown on critics of Afghanistan's new regime, Wall Street Journal reports.. ..

taliban announces new government

With the advances into Panjshir, Taliban have extinguished the remainder of armed opposition to their rule. ... And whether ISIS-KP will continue to be the beneficiary of disgruntled Taliban and minority group fighters.. ..

who is the taliban?

Taleban have pursued isolationist and Islamic agenda... Text of the speech by Taleban Mullah Mohammad Omar from the Pakistan-based Afghan Islamic Press news agency.. Drawing up military balance between United States with its firepower and Afghanistan's Taleban with their..

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