taliban pepper-spray women protesters

Taliban fighters confronted female protesters and doused them with pepper spray Times of London reports... Dozens of women took to the yesterday with banners and posters against forced wearing of the hijab, harassment by Taliban and the requirement of needing male relative chaperone, or..

iran not ready to recognize taliban government

Iran is not ready to recognize Taliban Afghanistan, Foreign Ministry spokesperson said Monday, citing the importance of Afghan government. .. ... Taliban's execution of at least eight Iranian diplomats and in Afghan of Mazar-e-Sharif in 1998 brought Iran and Taliban to the brink..

can oic and taliban deliver?

team of religious scholars under OIC banner would travel to Afghanistan to engage Taliban on issues such as, and not limited to, tolerance and Islam, equal access to education and women's rights Islam.. The mandate of the meeting to create convergence among the member countries to build..

the taliban got more sympathy

The Taliban Got More Sympathy . The Taliban Got More Sympathy . Treatment of ordinary people as the enemy due to their vaccination status is a shameful indictment of a supposedly civilized society. . ... In Camp Bastion’s field hospital, horrifically wounded soldiers were treated..

what taliban must do

Allegations made by Human Rights Watch that Taliban regime has been carrying out summary executions and kidnappings of former personnel are very troubling because, if true, they go against promises made by Taliban during Doha talks that preceded the US withdrawal and will serve on purpose. ..

taliban announces new government

With the advances into Panjshir, Taliban have extinguished the remainder of armed opposition to their rule. ... And whether ISIS-KP will continue to be the beneficiary of disgruntled Taliban and minority group fighters.. ..

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