taliban comments on us election

Afghan Taliban, 2020, are apprehensive as to how U.S on Afghanistan will change after Joe Biden succeeds President Donald Trump on January 20, 2021.. Taliban statement does not mention either Biden or Trump, es the need for the enforcement of Doha, agreement to. ..

afghan police take page from taliban playbook

An Afghan police raid on the home of two female journalists in Kabul raises concerns about rising threats to women in public life – in this case from the Kabul police, who seem to have taken a page out of the Taliban’s playbook. . ... At a moment when Afghan women are fighting to ensure that..

taliban says it doesn

Afghan government has have released over 4,600 Taliban prisoners over period of time. On February 29, the US and Taliban signed Doha to end Afghanistan... ..

taliban declare three-day ceasefire during eid

Afghan President Ashraf Ghani said prisoner swap with Taliban is almost complete AFP File 2 min.. ... The ball now is in the court of Taliban and the community, .. Last week, Taliban too were ready to hold negotiations straight after Eid -- provided the prisoner swap had been..

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