pakistan not to attend us-taliban talks

ISLAMABAD - Pakistan will not take part in the next round of Doha talks between United States and Taliban.. ... The seventh round of talks between Taliban, US delegation, Afghan politicians, and Afghan government is expected to be held Qatar's Doha later this month... ..

19 ‘taliban’ appear in arakan court

' Taliban Appear Arakan Court by ' Taliban Appear Arakan Court The Irrawaddy, April 8, 2011.. Burma's Border Security Forces — combination of army, police, immigration and customs, known Burmese Arakan State, in early March, and accused them of belonging to terrorist ring linked to..

no one tames taliban

May 9, 2015 Two years after the kidnapping, Gilani handed over to Pakistani Taliban, TTP, accompanied by one Al Qaeda operative. ... Consider this Haider talked about the chief of Taliban saying, Khalid was the head of Taliban that area and he was very good to me. ..

trump’s bad deal with the taliban

Last week, Afghanistan's, Hamdullah Mohib, launched into broadside against Zalmay Khalilzad, American diplomat responsible for negotiating with Taliban. ... Everyone knows that President Trump wants out of Afghanistan, and Afghans know that State Department's dealings with Taliban will..

taliban attack kills 22 afghan forces

Afghan officials say Taliban have attacked checkpoints in Faryab province, killing at least 22 Afghan forces, citing The Washington Post.. ... Taliban control half the country and launch attacks on Afghan security forces.. ..

uzbek official confirms taliban talks

In Tashkent, that, it's the violence of Taliban that creates the instability that enables these terrorist groups to continue operating Afghanistan, saying United States and its allies were fully committed to ensuring that Afghan government has the capabilities to deny Taliban any military..

peace efforts with taliban intensify

U.S troops invaded October 2001 and toppled Taliban government within weeks after Osama bin Laden's al-Qaida network launched the 11 attacks from Afghanistan.. U.S military turned its attention largely to Iraq in 2003, eventually Taliban were able to regenerate enough combat power to..

taliban talks bring concerns

Discussions between U.S and Taliban are advancing weeks after the administration wanted to begin drawing down troops Afghanistan. ... U.S invaded the country to oust Taliban and al-Qaida October 2001 in response to Sept. 11 terrorist attacks, and CIA director warned as recently as..

., taliban peace talks intensify

The United States and Taliban are closing in on deal to end America’s war after six days of some of the most Afghan peace negotiations to date wrapped up on Jan 26, 2019 less. ... Taliban would also pledge not to allow terror groups to use Afghanistan as launching pad for attacks..

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