afghanistan: taliban execute, ‘disappear’ alleged

Taliban security forces have executed disappeared alleged members and supporters of Islamic State offshoot in eastern Afghanistan, today. ... He also told his family that he had contacted Saleh, the district head of intelligence for Narang district and that Saleh had told Taliban that..

american taliban

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taliban order women to cover up

Senior Afghanistan Heather Barr of Human Rights Watch urged the community to put coordinated pressure on Taliban.. for serious and strategic response to Taliban's escalating assault on women's rights, on Twitter.. Taliban were ousted in 2001 by U.S.-led coalition for harboring..

talks with taliban begin in norway

The trip is the time since Taliban took over August that their representatives have held official meetings Europe. ... Norwegian Foreign Ministry said Taliban delegation would also meet with Afghans Norway, including women leaders, journalists and people. ..

taliban detain prominent critic

The Taliban have arrested Kabul professor who gained national fame for berating senior official on television, sign of the intensifying crackdown on critics of Afghanistan's new regime, Wall Street Journal reports.. ..

the taliban in afghanistan

By leader and draw its legitimacy from clerics, The regime will be known and the Taliban said the government will be led. ... -Taliban, United States committed to withdrawing all U.S and NATO troops from Afghanistan if the Taliban carried out commitments that included cutting ties..

the taliban got more sympathy

The Taliban Got More Sympathy . The Taliban Got More Sympathy . Treatment of ordinary people as the enemy due to their vaccination status is a shameful indictment of a supposedly civilized society. . ... In Camp Bastion’s field hospital, horrifically wounded soldiers were treated..

taliban announces new government

With the advances into Panjshir, Taliban have extinguished the remainder of armed opposition to their rule. ... And whether ISIS-KP will continue to be the beneficiary of disgruntled Taliban and minority group fighters.. ..

taliban school slaughter - right side news

The killers were part of the Tehreek-e- Taliban group, Pakistani organization attempting to over throw Pakistani government, and the same group to. ... President Obama insisted Taliban had once again shown their depravity, Breitbart News revealed a statement made in 2012 by Obama..

the taliban and the hazaras

As Taliban close in, let of Hazaras, built up in Afghanistan over the 20 years, totters on the brink of collapse.. The rapid developments of the last few months left Hazarajat, with pockets controlled by Ahmed Shah Masood in the northeast, alone in resisting the drive of Taliban to..

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