safety inquiry of tesla begins

DETROIT The U.S safety agency is investigating complaints that suspensions can fail on nearly 115,000 Tesla electric vehicles.. ... NHTSA says that in 2017, Tesla issued bulletin describing the failure and saying that drivers could still control the vehicles, and the tire may contact the..

$250 tesla tequila? sure, why not?

From the folks who brought you The Boring Company and Tesla Short Shorts comes the antidote to 2020 $250 Tesla Tequila.. ... Boasting 40 percent alcohol level and premium price tag, Tesla Tequila is temporarily out of stock right now on Tesla Shop. ..

volvo is doing a tesla imitation

Almost every automaker is in that latter group, including Tesla, even if it aspires to do everything on its own. ... Which is comment less about Tesla at the end of the day, the majority of consumers do not really care... ..

tesla model 3 vs. tesla model y

Tesla Model 3 is available now all across United States, though some variants, can take up to three weeks to ship. Tesla has eliminated Model Y priced under $40,000, so pricing starts at $49,990 for the version and tops out at $69,990 for the Performance model. ..

tesla expands giga texas site

Local Karl Koebel, principal with Marketplace Real Estate Group, said Tesla's purchased 381 acres, 100-acre site, Tesla more land, and additional access to its property, since Gilbert Road intersects with FM 969, says Statesman.. ... For more on Tesla, including software update..

tesla review

He plays Tesla speaking in almost whisper and never clarifying whether he is motivated by integrity or ego.  ... Tesla's interiority is nowhere better felt wiping the germs off his own silverware or staring out at projection of Colorado landscape... ..

tesla - movie review

By the corporate forces that enabled and never understood the genius, That is the story of Nikola Tesla, the man. ... Almereyda's biopic is its reverse, trying to find the soul of Serbian-born inventor, and in this Ethan Hawke is given space like no actor since Petar Božović in Yugoslavian..

the tesla secret

Wall Street is focused on Tesla's stock price, the press on brainless debate about whether electric cars are good or very, very good. ... Musk has complained about regulators encouraging others to build their own electric cars rather than buy fuel-economy credits from Tesla... ..

tesla model y review

Compared to would-be rivals, Tesla wins on matters large and small.. In of the luxury brands, both Audi and Jaguar read richer than Tesla, from materials to fit-and-finish. ..

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