and then come the nightjars- review

On his run-down Devon farm, widowed Michael has his cherished herd of cows to call - so when foot and mouth creeps slowly through the valley he pulls up the drawbridge and hopes to wait it out... ... So the question is, can they help each other, survive the storm and salvage new lives..

oppenheimer then, america now

Partial answers to these questions include, among others fear of unseen and unknown enemies abiding faith that might makes right the presumption that we must always maintain the upper hand because we're America, so we deserve to be Number One always in all ways. Is it any wonder that eliminating..

if not america, then where?

The danger here being that for 12 years IND can revoke your Dutch citizenship for any reason, and without court order so for 12 years your citizenship is at the mercy and whim of IND and they have proven that they can and will revoke citizenships of people leaving them stateless for no reason at..