then sona turned up

It was a brief but clear phone call in which she asked me for financial help so they could live somewhere and eat,” Vardanyan recalls. ... “An entire generation that is supposed to hold up the state so it survives, that is supposed to have children – they are in great destitution. ..

perfect dark: then vs. now

The long-awaited return of secret agent Joanna Dark comes fifteen years and while the series became part of gaming history thanks to its Rare, The Initiative has been tasked with the mission of bringing  Perfect Dark into the 2020s.. ..

discrimination then and now

I was teenager, growing up in Richard Allen housing project of North Philadelphia, Mississippi, on Aug 28, his brutalized, and 1955, body later recovered from Tallahatchie River. ..

dirty politics, then and now

He early latched on to Twitter, and he spews out with seeming impunity so many tweets that opponents are hard pressed to know how or whether to respond. ... The Trump family low--so far--has been the “like” (later removed) that son Eric attached to a tweet calling Harris a “whorendous..

and then the dog quacked. . .

We do not know  where our first impressions come from  or precisely what they mean. so we do not always  appreciate their frailty.                                                                ..

'black september,' then and now

The latter event is an important one in Middle East and Palestinian/Jordanian history, but one that makes many uncomfortable – nowhere more so than in Jordan itself, with a mostly Palestinian population and even, since 1999, a Palestinian queen. . ... The change is not so much about..

‘until then, ust’

Cansino provided a not-so-subtle revelation. . CJ Cansino (71) soars to the basket against a phalanx of UP defenders. ... “A few days ago, [CJ] already said he was already contemplating other options so we pitched to him. ..

then and now: 2000

In this article from Love of Quilting January February 2020 issue, quilt Barbara Brackman looks back at the quilt trends and innovations of the 2000s and how they affect today's quilting.. ..

then play on

While there is percentage of rock in its multitudinous forms that is all about being pissed off and rebellious, about being disaffected and morose, about being loose and large, greater percentage, arguably, is about relationships. ..

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