orange threads stich love into action

On Nov 21, Orange thREADs, Orangeville Public Library's stitchery group, donated knitted, crocheted and quilted items to the women's shelter... ... The generosity of Orange thREADs is boundless, Shannon McGrady, program and research co-ordinator at Orangeville Public Library, said in..

unwinding threads of influence

On the eve of Otago Polytechnic School of Fashion's much anticipated annual COLLECTIONS show, Josie Steenhart caught up with five students in their final stages of bachelor of design  degrees and asked them to talk early inspiration, fashion life, Dunedin style and plans for the future. ..

upcoming threads features

The ability to be able to edit posts has long been wanted on Twitter, and the same now holds true for Threads. ... Due to the demand for customized and targeted feed, Threads is going to have. ..

zuck’s threads halo

By many users who have grown tired of the drama surrounding, The perfectly-timed launch of Meta's Twitter, Threads, is being celebrated as win Twitter under its new Elon Musk. ..

how to use gifs on threads

By tapping the pen and paper icon in the middle of the bottom of the screen, Go to Threads app, create new thread, and paste the image . . ... Tap on Threads icon and Android will take you to the New thread screen, where the GIF will already be there waiting for you to..

threads - avc

In the case of Threads, that protocol is Activity Pub.. I have not enjoyed using any media apps built on ActivityPub protocol, most notably Mastodon, except I am not sure if that is the fault of the protocol or Mastodon's implementation. ..

threads is here, threads is inevitable

It's also apparent that Mark Zuckerberg rushed Threads launch to take advantage of the chaos on Twitter. ... Personally, I will continue to post under my name on Bluesky, and our site will share our most popular posts on Threads. ..

meta launches ‘twitter killer’ threads app

To address these challenges, Threads posts that he believes there should be public conversations app with over billion users, highlighting Twitter's failure to achieve this and expressing hope that Threads will succeed.. Various brands, including Billboard, HBO, Netflix, and NPR, set up..

will threads tame elon musk's twitter?

With the launch of Threads later this week by Mark Zuckerberg, consumers will be able to choose what kind of platform they prefer, and that is lot better than the government deciding for them.. ... And we wo not need any new laws or regulatory agencies, no matter how much people on Twitter, or..