tijuana cartel

Tijuana Cartel, also known is based in one of the most strategically Mexico border cities for trafficking drugs into United States. ... Bolivia's capture of two Peruvians who worked for Tijuana Cartel highlights Bolivia's in the region's cocaine air bridge, and raises... ..

how l.a. became obsessed with the tijuana taco

Tijuana taco, as it's often called, has emerged as L.A.'s taco of the moment. ... Then there are vendors that have accumulated Instagram followers by Ah Carbon Tacos Montebello, Angel's Tijuana Tacos North Hollywood, Carlos's Tijuana Tacos Whittier, to name few... ..

u.s. border violence stalks tijuana every day

With Tijuana Mayor Juan Manuel Gastélum openly hostile to migrants and calling for the prosecution of pro-migrant groups such as Pueblo Sin Fronteras, -sanctioned, cartel, interpersonal and right-wing violence or harassment.. ... The Customs and Border Protection decision to implement system of..

migrants in tijuana regret caravan

Many of the estimated 6,000 migrants from Central America living in Tijuana, Mexico, are preparing to return home, expressing regret for making the arduous journey... ... Of the 6,062 Tijuana, 3,877 men are men, 1,127 are women and 1,058 are children. ..

tijuana: fed up & on "on the brink"

Tijuana is fed up with playing host-city to some 6,200 migrants bringing illness, creating fear for businesses and residents, burdening the border town.  In interview with Tijuana Mayor Juan Manuel Gastelum, pent-up frustrations were obvious, the caravan is hitting us hard. ..

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