conservative republican demagogues

By unorthodox former president and would, These conservative demagogues building on the authoritarian, highway to hell paved-be dictator to the point of denying women their constitutional right to abortion and curtailing the voting rights of Blacks, Latinos and other minorities. ..

conservative cronyism

Southlake Families raised more than $200,000 to support a conservative slate of board members who oppose diversity initiatives, according to the Dallas Morning News. . ... Based on his press releases, O’Hare is positioning himself as the “true conservative” (read: racist lite..

bill schubart: conservative hysteria

I appreciate well-reasoned conservative argument and often find myself agreement with some or all of what I hear, and the right's invectives against effort to confront the implicit bias and racism of the past at deeper level seems to me sound and fury signifying nothing.. ..

tory shepherd

Tory Shepherd writes column on social issues for The Advertiser. She was the paper's state editor, and has covered federal politics, defence, space, and everything else important to SA.. ..

conservative politics

Why did State of New South Wales have such mediocrity inflicted upon it as premier after Mike Baird's exit from politics January 2017   Why did Australia get such ersatz conservative as prime in 2018 after. ..

conservative evangelicals, what’s next?

The question is how should politically theologically conservative evangelicals respond to these brethren as we try to move forward as fellow believers   We should respond in three ways.. ... By recommitting to truth, The election and presidency of Donald Trump has challenged the..

usa conservative

USA Conservative . Since Dec 17, 2019 . . . . . I am an all-American, gun-wielding, meat-eating, straight white male who enjoys perfecting firearm skills. ..

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