being trans at work

often all the letters get lumped together, and while there is lot of unity and intersection within the community,   the experience of being trans, especially at work, brings some unique challenges.. ... Arkles is now the senior counsel at Transgender Legal Defense & Education Fund, and..

transgender-bill veto overridden

Joyce Elliott about her proposed measure to expand absentee voting Arkansas Arkansas became the first state in Tuesday to ban gender-affirming care for transgender minors, Legislature voted to override the governor's veto.. ... Holly Dickson, director of ACLU of Arkansas, said Legislature's..

remember 34 trans people murdered in 2020 on

Nu Trans Movement Shannon Walker discussed Merci's to Morning News saying, We're dealing with generation of men that are just not ready to face the music and just not ready to embrace their sexuality and the experiences and the feelings that they're having for trans women of color. ..

trans-pacific partnership (tpp)

contentious election takes place Italy, eleven nations sign Trans-Pacific Partnership Agreement, and the year's best films are honored at Academy Awards.. ... Michael Froman discusses the importance of U.S trade engagement, the future of Trans-Pacific Partnership, and the global race to..

trans teen sues mcd's

MTF trans teenager who was denied job by McDonald's is suing the food chain for discrimination.. ... Bellamy began living as girl at the age of 11 and is being supported in her case by Transgender Legal Defence and Education Fund. ..

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