trudeau ekes out narrow win

Apathy toward Trudeau at home contrasts with his popularity on the international stage, where he is still cast as leader. Their friendship contrasts with relationship with former US President Donald Trump, who once called Trudeau two-faced after video emerged that appeared to show..

trudeau trailing in snap election he called

By full eight points ahead of, Trudeau Trailing Snap Election He Called Justin Trudeau is on track to do Theresa May next month, ing his Liberal Party is now trailing Conservatives September's snap election. election which, it's worth pointing out, Trudeau called to secure..

canada’s trudeau calls snap elections

Trudeau's, Conservative Erin O'Toole, meanwhile, has struggled to find his footing as lockdowns and other health measures put glad-handing out of reach.. ... While the law allows for Singh noted that Trudeau's Liberals have won every confidence vote they faced... ..

justin trudeau: woke wordsmith

Prime Justin Trudeau is riding wave of woke he is woke wordsmith and pioneer of PC pieties... Lamenting the disproportionate impact of the economic crisis on women, Trudeau announced on Twitter that Canada was not enduring 'recession, except 'she-cession How empowered Canadian women must..

write america: patricia marx & garry trudeau

Write America: Patricia Marx & Garry Trudeau . Write America: Patricia Marx & Garry Trudeau . . . . . . ... Join us for the fourth episode of Write America featuring . writer and humorist Patirica Marx & Pulitzer Prize-winning creator of 'Doonsebury' Garry Trudeau as they read..

canada suffers under trudeau policies

The bad news is that Canada's current prime minister, Justin Trudeau, has been spending lot of money.. ... Also, IMF for Trudeau years is preliminary. The bottom line is that Canada was moving in the wrong direction before the coronavirus and the spending burden has jumped since the..

trudeau brand analysis

Trudeau Brand Analysis.   The Salmon Arm Salute - Jenn Kovachik With Prime Minister facing yet another investigation by Ethics Commissioner Mario Dion, his third since taking in 2015, Canadians need to take hard look at Trudeau brand. . ... Visitors can view the railcar and pose with..

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