trump trip

Trump took aim at UAW, telling workers there that the union should lower it's dues, adding. ... Trump is to attend fundraiser at Brookside Country Club, just outside Canton, tonight.. ..

former trump lawyer sues trump organization

President Donald Trump's former lawyer and fixer, filed lawsuit against Trump Organization on Thursday New York, saying the company breached agreement and owes him at least 1.9 U.S dollars unpaid legal fees and other costs related to his work.. ... New York City-based Trump..


Watch Trump Cabinet Member Bans Word Because He Can't Explain it to Trump by Feb 25th. by Caleb Ecarma Feb 25th.. ... Abrams Battles Dershowitz on Trump 'Simultaneous Mueller Report 'Rebuttal That's Ridiculous. by Feb 24th.. ..

donald trump

Trump, ers in Oval Office of White House on Friday that Kashmir, it's very dangerous... ... Responding to questions on the situation between South Asian neighbours, Trump said the US is talking about it so does some other nations, ing them... ..

trump supporter attacks media during trump rally

Trump addressed the incident, which interrupted his speech... Everything OK. said Trump, the media that they were ok, or the sign that kings give at the end of gladiator fights to say that the will spare the fighter's life... ... Skeans colleague, Gary O'Donoghue said Monday night..

donald trump

In El Paso, Trump and O'Rourke go head-to-head over wall.. Rose y Teague llevan Timberwolves triunfo sobre Clippers.. ... El presidente Donald Trump habla durante un mitin en Coliseo del condado El Paso, el lunes 11 de febrero de 2019, en El Paso, Texas.. ..

venezuela: ‘let trump be trump

Almost all the in the in Trump administration have quit or been fired by now, and the second-raters and nonentities. ... The Mexicans and Canadians both exploited that fact in NAFTA, North Korea's Kim Jong-un is about to do it again in his second 'summit with Trump, and in due course..

donald trump

China has backed second bilateral summit between President Trump and North Korea's Kim Jong-un and pledged to.. ... The Trump administration has downgraded the status of EU in snub reversing its Obama-era promotion to the.. ..

donald trump

Adam Schiff, Mar-a-Lago Club, and Donald Trump .. House plans to investigate loans and estate transactions that could tie President Donald Trump's to Russian government.. ... Tags, Real Estate and Politics, Residential Real Estate, trump organization... ..

mulvaney will let trump be trump

Most notably, he intends to Trump more leeway to act as he chooses — recognition that trying to control Trump is futile approach, ... Mulvaney will adopt in politics and messaging, and plans to take faire approach to some quirks of Trump White House that irked Kelly — like..

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