impeaching trump

Many Republican are expected to vote against Trump in Senate  but it's not easy to get the required two-third votes to convict him. One third of Republican in Senate would be required to vote against Trump and the process might take two to three weeks from Biden swearing-in ceremony. ..

donald trump

US President Donald Trump on Tuesday blasted the bipartisan $900 billion pandemic relief package passed by Congress and may not sign it. ... Trump complained in video that he tweeted out Tuesday that the bill delivered too much money to foreign countries, and not enough to Americans.. ..

could trump lose trump tower chicago?

Trump says, ments that he has to file as president, he owes loan of more than $50 million to company called Chicago Unit Acquisition LLC. ... How Trump Tower Chicago keeps its name in lights depends on what New York attorney general finds, how much patience banks will continue to have..

donald trump

Biden denounces Trump fight to reverse election... Trump fires US security official who rejected fraud claims... ... Trump for moment alludes to election defeat.. Trump defiant, and says of his 'Who knows.. ..

donald trump

The National Treasury Employees Union has filed lawsuit to block order signed by President Trump last week that threatens to remove civil service protections from much of the federal workforce... ... C suite executives are far more concerned about changes corporate tax policy during Biden..

tiffany trump:

Trump administration is anti- LGBTQ in history. It's such honor to be here and speak, honestly and from my heart, to the small group of people gathered for Florida. ... Oh, is theory claiming that Obama has secret folks imbedded in the government to bring down Trump.. ..

barron trump had covid-19, melania trump says

Oct 14, 2020 -- Barron Trump, the son of President Donald Trump and first lady Melania Trump, tested positive for COVID-19, the first lady revealed in post on White House website Wednesday.. ... The announcement comes 2 weeks after President Trump and the first lady..

if trump loses, it's on trump

And Joe Biden is leading President Donald Trump by up to 16 points. In RealClearPolitics polling average, Trump is trailing Biden every single swing state. ... Access Hollywood tape relegated Trump to the in the last days of the campaign, freeing the way for then-FBI Director..

trump coronavirus

Trump has continued his presidency with business-as-usual style, travelling across the country, meeting with aides and other leaders. ... President Donald Trump arrives at campaign rally at BOK Center, June 20, 2020 Tulsa, Oklahoma. ..

trump covid-19 positive: ivanka trump, jarden

US President Donald Trump & Melania test positive for COVID-19.. US President Donald Trump has confirmed he and first lady Melania have tested positive for coronavirus... At least White House staff and members of Trump family could be infected with COVID-19, after US President..

donald trump

President Trump used address at United Nations to accuse China of unleashing plague on the world as he.. ... resolution to TikTok's America is in sight after President Trump gave the green light to deal.. ..

trump can't help being trump

He inherited it and BBC News Reality Check Team, US economy under Trump Is it the in history.. ... Beyond the transactional, there's the 'reality show Trump thinks the presidency is.  ..

donald trump brother robert trump dead

Robert Stewart Trump, brother of President Donald Trump, died on Saturday Manhattan.. ... Robert Trump is survived by his President Trump, his second wife, Ann Marie Pallan, and his sisters, Maryanne Trump Barry and Elizabeth Trump Grau. ..

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