donald trump

Donald Trump is the president of United States. Before he entered Oval Office he was known as businessman and personality on The Apprentice. ..

maxine trump

Authors — Maxine Trump . Page: . . . . Page: . . . . . . The Magazine of Independent Film . ©2019 Filmmaker Magazine   All Rights Reserved   A Publication of IFP . © 2019 Filmmaker Magazine . ..

alarmist overreach

Alarmist Overreach . . For over 15 years the global warmists have become progressively more outspoken with their scare stories, and less careful with facts and science. . ..

donald trump

WASHINGTON President Donald Trump said Friday that Turkish President Recap Tayyip Erdogan had assured him that he wants the cease-fire with Kurdish militants Syria to work... Trump, in series of tweets, had spoken to Erdogan and he very much wants the cease-fire, or pause, to work... ..

trump fatigue

I just read what President Trump said about the wife of American diplomat wanted Britain with accident that killed British citizen. By saying it's hard to drive on the other side of the Donald Trump has defended the wife of US diplomat. ..

let trump destroy trump

The person most capable of defeating Donald Trump is Donald Trump. If Democrats are smart, they will let him do the job.. ... Trump�s serial assaults on the decency and the decorum upon which civil society depends are enraging � and meant to be. ..

donald trump

Trump flip-flops on tax cuts, citing 'strong economy.. Giant penguins, the size of human, roamed Earth millions of years ago, scientists say.. ... El presidente Donald Trump saluda su llegada Casa Blanca en el helicóptero presidencial en Washington, el miércoles 21 de agosto de..

lee iacocca was trump before trump

While Trump was the businessman to gain the presidency and Iacocca only flirted with run for White House, Iacocca was the master of the art of the deal - the king of CEOs to Trump's naked emperor. ... While Trump keeps going into his mid-70s - no less - Iacocca, admitted to..

trump 'surprised' by trump jr. subpoena

Trump 'surprised by Trump Jr subpoena 7 36pm BST - 02 48. President Donald Trump on Thursday said Senate Intelligence Committee's subpoena of his Donald Trump Jr came as surprise, that Republican-led panel had called on his son to again answer questions. ..

obama-to-trump voters turn against trump

You are here: / / Obama-to-Trump Voters Turn Against Trump . Obama-to-Trump Voters Turn Against Trump . ... Eric Levitz: “In its latest report, the VSG illuminates one critical shift hiding beneath Trump’s sturdy support: He has lost significant ground with..

trump administration

The Trump administration is toughening up rules on national affordable housing programs due to concerns over risk to the roughly $1.3 portfolio the government has in insured mortgages.. ... Cedar Band's mortgage company views the move by the Trump as discriminatory against Native..

trump up

Yet on the second prong of Mueller's into Trump camp's activities, concerning whether Trump obstructed in trying to shut down Justice Department's Russia investigations, Mueller was more equivocal.. ... In particular Trump has launched war against Democratic chair of House..

trump trip

Trump took aim at UAW, telling workers there that the union should lower it's dues, adding. ... Trump is to attend fundraiser at Brookside Country Club, just outside Canton, tonight.. ..

former trump lawyer sues trump organization

President Donald Trump's former lawyer and fixer, filed lawsuit against Trump Organization on Thursday New York, saying the company breached agreement and owes him at least 1.9 U.S dollars unpaid legal fees and other costs related to his work.. ... New York City-based Trump..

trump supporter attacks media during trump rally

Trump addressed the incident, which interrupted his speech... Everything OK. said Trump, the media that they were ok, or the sign that kings give at the end of gladiator fights to say that the will spare the fighter's life... ... Skeans colleague, Gary O'Donoghue said Monday night..

trump shares netanyahu campaign photo

picture taken on February 3, 2019 Tel Aviv shows billboard of Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and US President Donald Trump shaking hands. ... US President Donald Trump welcomes Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu to White House on March 5, 2018, Washington, DC .. ..

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