the day turkish democracy died

In March, his ruling AKP lost Istanbul, the engine of what remains of Turkish economy, together with Izmir and Ankara. ... British- Turkish Alev Scott, author of Ottoman Odyssey, joined the list of personae non gratae. ..

turkish constitutional court caught red-handed

Can Dundar, the then-editor-in-chief of Cumhuriyet daily, on Turkish service's transfers of weapons and ammunition to Syria. ... Orhan Kemal Cengiz  is human rights lawyer, columnist and former president of the  Human Rights Agenda Association, Turkish NGO that works on human..

turkish state trying to ‘break women’

Turkish security services detained the women during raids on the party offices Yenisehir on March 20, with 11 of them sentenced to be placed under house arrest and forced to wear electronic tags... ... Ms Coskun said despite the efforts of Turkish authorities, women would continue the..

turkish embassy on nzers in turkey

Press Release from Turkish Embassy Wellington. It has come to our attention that some news and commentaries being published in some media circles alleging that there is Turkey against the citizens of New Zealand and Australia and that it's not secure to travel to Turkey, including for Çanakkale..

kanter caught up in turkish struggle

On Tuesday, in address on Senate floor carried live by C-SPAN, Oregon Senator Ron Wyden urged Secretary of State Mike Pompeo to tell his Turkish counterparts their attempts at retribution against Kanter are unacceptable for U.S ally... ... Kanter, 26, was born Switzerland to Turkish..

turkish expedition team arrives to antarctica

Turkish expedition team arrives to Antarctica. ANTARCTICA - FEBRUARY 03 Glaciologist from Chile base, Shelley Anna MacDonell who joined members of Turkish team departed for Antarctica to set up temporary scientific research base, settles in in ship on February 03, 2019 Antarctica. ..

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