it's around 2.5 cent the size of Twitter.. It's thriving lively, in that sense it's, for now, the nearest thing to Twitter replacement for many users.. T2 is young the founders left Twitter November. T2 moniker is marker that hints at Twitter 2.0.. ..


There has been nothing good that has come from Musk taking over twitter and this is just another one of those examples.. People are either looking to leave twitter, have left twitter or riding it out hoping he will up and quit and sell it to someone that is more competent or..

twitter is testing a new ‘tweet counter’

According to Twitter spokesperson speaking with TechCrunch yesterday, his is part of ongoing experiment in. ... While 2019 study conducted by Pew Research Center indicates that the majority of Twitter accounts do not actually tweet much, 10 percent of all users comprise 90..

twitter reactions to npr tweet about shinzo abe

There was flood of calls to defund NPR Twitter reactions to tweet from National Public Radio that demeaned former Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe on the day that he was assassinated.. ... On Friday morning, Twitter for NPR tweeted, Former Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe,..

twitter exposed

Recently released recordings by Project Veritas show number of Twitter executives revealing their true political bias, their feelings about Elon Musk, and the culture. ... Follow us on Facebook, Instagram, Parler,  Gab, and Twitter * Click the. ..

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