president of twitter?

The field was racing left, treating the consensus on progressive Twitter as though it were a simulacrum of the real Democratic Party. ... Again, I’m dubious that Twitter was that much of a factor in Harris or Booker’s positioning. ..

twitter too

Bookmark the permalink. . . . . . 43 Responses to Twitter too . Shy Ted . . ... People can similarly quit using Facebook, Twitter and/or Google. . It’s called free choice. . ..

twitter boss

I thought to myself, 'this is it, the tweet has reached the stratosphere, Splash.. He added that, Some of my friends from South Africa and Philippines have reached out to say the tweet has made it to their local news programmes. ..

twitter 101

Twitter 101 Waconia Library 217 S Vine St, Waconia. Saturday, April, 10 30am-12 30pm Twitter 101 Waconia Library, 217 S Vine St, Waconia, 952-442-4714 Contact Susan Bernstein, 952-442-4714, Instructor Paulino Brener.. ..

twitter hates you

 According to reports, Twitter then removed tens of thousands of the film's followers. ... I know some Catholics will say we ca not walk away from Twitter because it's up to us to engage the culture. ..

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