politics complicate standoff in ukraine

MOSCOW — Ukraine's president signed off Wednesday on orders for limited amid showdown with Moscow over the seizure of Ukrainian naval vessels and crew, and the next moves by Kiev appeared caught up in internal political wrangling.. ... It would mark Ukraine has imposed in its ongoing..

ukraine declares martial law

In Ukraine, The Independent's Moscow, Ollie Carroll, says already minded parliamentarians are voicing fears about how the state of law could be used - perhaps to postpone presidential elections to more time politically... ... There will be calls for additional support for Ukrainians in the form..

clarification: ukraine-rebel elections story

Clarification Ukraine-Rebel Elections story. By The Associated Press Updated - Nov 21st, 2018 @ 11 07am Posted - Nov 12th, 2018 @ 2 24am  5 photos.. MOSCOW — In Nov 12, that separatist candidates won elections Ukraine that Ukrainian authorities and West denounced as illegitimate. ..


The site of the disaster, Chernobyl, is going in bid to help Ukraine from dependence on Russian gas. ... The minister of Donetsk People's Republic, Russian enclave Ukraine, was dining in war-themed cafe. ..

provisional government unveiled in ukraine

In scene that highlights where power lies, Ukraine's leadership emerged cap in hand to propose new cabinet to carry the country through crisis until new elections May... ... Tensions Ukraine's Russian-dominated Crimean peninsula, meanwhile, flared as rival demonstrations clashed in the..

Author Interfax-Ukraine

The Interfax- Ukraine News Agency company belonging to Interfax Information Services international group has been in the political and information market of Ukraine since 1992... Govt appoints Nefyodov acting trade representative of Ukraine. Poroshenko Russians will not put..

Visegrad plus Ukraine = V5? – EURACTIV.com

Ukraine hopes that Slovak presidency of Visegrad group will resuscitate stalled cooperation between the group and Eastern European country. ... During V4+ Germany+ Ukraine summit held Bratislava, the parties agreed to establish the foreign and defence ministers meeting of Visegrad states..

help protect democracy in ukraine

Hello, There is genuine and human rights crisis in progress over Ukraine right now. ... Here are some links explaining in detail what has been happening Ukraine in the past two months http www slideshare NazarBartosik what-is-really-happening-in-ukraine http www businessinsider..

referendum illegitimate: ukraine interim president

Ukraine's president has declared referendum planned by pro-Moscow Crimea on joining Russia is illegitimate.. ... The US side is moving to impose visa restrictions and financial sanctions on individuals and entities violating the sovereignty of Ukraine.. ..

no one wins in ukraine

On Saturday, Ukraine's parliament voted to impeach President Viktor Yanukovych, perhaps bringing to end to the months of protests that followed his November refusal to sign agreement with European Union. ... Even so, he was stopped that evening trying to leave Ukraine and then, somehow,..

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