ukraine: zelensky or poroshenko?

Comedian Volodymyr Zelensky and Poroshenko will vie for Ukraine's presidency in the second round of voting on Sunday. ... That, however, would be naive and admission that Putin has Ukraine's fate...   to Share on ... ..

a brewing problem in ukraine

The takeaway from Sunday's Ukraine was the fact that comic who had played Ukrainian on television program led the round's voting. ... Ukraine's after the breakup of Soviet Union was the time the country had been in centuries. ..

comedian leads presidential polling in ukraine

KIEV, Ukraine -- comedian who's never held office tops the public opinion polls ahead of Ukraine's election, and even he appears to be falling far short of enough support to win in the first round.. ... By those organizations for indications of whether, All the leading candidates..

ukraine election: russia is watching

President Poroshenko's presidency has been dominated by relations with Russia and he has been watched for his responses to instances of Russian aggression towards, or provocations of, Ukraine such as the in Kerch Strait last November in. Ukraine's economic crisis and its 2015 $17.5 bailout..

ukraine matchmaking service

Adam and Eva the best matchmaking service Ukraine. It's probably not secret that Slavic women are indescribably beautiful, that's why many people from all over the world are looking for brides from Ukraine, Poland, Belarus and other Slavic countries. ..

human rights abuses in ukraine

Since the 2014 state coup, supported by United States and number of Western countries, Ukraine has been plunging deeper and deeper into political chaos, corruption, lawlessness and nationalism, adding. By establishing the Orthodox Church of Ukraine, the authorities have deepened the in..

ukraine – consortiumnews

Ukraine-Russia Tensions Rise Church Row. With apparent nod from U.S., Ecumenical Patriarch's ruling from Istanbul severed 1000-year ties between Moscow and Orthodox Ukraine, raising further tensions between Kiev and Moscow, as Dmitry Babich reports.. ..

president poroshenko at ukraine house davos

During the week, Ukraine House Davos hosted closed-door meeting of National Investment Council of Ukraine led by the President with CEOs representing over $3 in capital. ... It's huge thing for Ukraine said Daria Shapovalova, Ukraine's fashion business and Founder of..

martial law expires in ukraine

FILE PHOTO - Ukraine's President Petro Poroshenko speaks during the news conference Kiev, Ukraine December 16, 2018. ... Ukraine's military chief said this month Russia had been ramping up its forces near the border the year it annexed Crimea.. ..

the forgotten ukraine crisis

In the last three years with the humdrum of events in Middle East, European immigration crisis and host of other competing geopolitical issues, somehow Ukraine, and its potential implications for European security bypassed most international concerns. ... both Russia and Europe wished to..

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