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The independence of Ukraine was proclaimed and later recognized within the borders of Greater Stalin-Khrushchevs Ukraine with at least 20% of Russian living in in the eastern part of the country and and making majority of Crimeas population. ... Their land, that was annexed by USSR at..

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During EU- Ukraine Summit, Enlargement Commissioner Johannes Hahn signed with his Ukrainian counterparts 4 programmes, worth EUR 109 million from Commission's 2019 annual support package to Ukraine. ... The programme will be complemented by contribution for Ukraine included in..

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On the other hand, Ambassador warned, we cannot always supply gas for credit to Ukraine. Ukraine still did not pay, for instance, last three months or the year and we expect this payment... ..

oligarch kolomoyskiy returns to ukraine

Skhemy, joint project by RFE RL's Ukrainian Service and Ukraine's UA Pershy television channel, quoted sources at the in the city of Dnipro as saying that Kolomoyskiy had landed there early on May 16.. Kolomoyskiy, one of Ukraine's and former governor, was on board plane coming from Tel..

who are the jews of ukraine?

KIEV, Ukraine — Jews have lived Ukraine for such time that their arrival here predates even the first recorded use of the country's name.. ... Historically, Jews have not had Ukraine for most of that time. In the century, thousands were butchered by Cossack of Bohdan..

comedian elected ukraine president

KIEV, Ukraine comedian whose only political experience consists of playing president on TV cruised toward Ukraine's Sunday in what was seen as reaction against the country's entrenched corruption and standard of living.. ... Zelenskiy was criticized for platform and never holding office,..

ukraine comedian leads election polls

KIEV, Ukraine comedian who's never held office tops the public opinion polls ahead of Ukraine's today, and even he appears to be falling far short of enough support to win in the first round.. ... By those organizations for indications of whether, All the leading candidates advocate..

ukraine election: russia is watching

President Poroshenko's presidency has been dominated by relations with Russia and he has been watched for his responses to instances of Russian aggression towards, or provocations of, Ukraine such as the in Kerch Strait last November in. Ukraine's economic crisis and its 2015 $17.5 bailout..


KIEV Comic Volodymyr Zelenskiy, novice who plays in TV series, has strengthened his lead Ukraine's election race, according to opinion poll published on Wednesday... ... KIEV Comic Volodymyr Zelenskiy, novice who plays in TV series, has strengthened his lead Ukraine's election race,..

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Adam and Eva the best matchmaking service Ukraine. It's probably not secret that Slavic women are indescribably beautiful, that's why many people from all over the world are looking for brides from Ukraine, Poland, Belarus and other Slavic countries. ..

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Ukraine-Russia Tensions Rise Church Row. With apparent nod from U.S., Ecumenical Patriarch's ruling from Istanbul severed 1000-year ties between Moscow and Orthodox Ukraine, raising further tensions between Kiev and Moscow, as Dmitry Babich reports.. ..

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