the ukrainian gordian knot

Most Americans understandably favor the Ukrainian resistance against Russian President Vladimir Putin's naked 2022 aggression. . ... It then remained part of the Ukrainian nation for 19 years until the 2014 invasion. . ..

ukrainian troops surrendering en masse – tass

Ukrainian servicemen ©  Getty Images Anadolu Agency Wolfgang Schwan Large numbers of Ukrainian troops have surrendered to Russian military recent weeks, using special radio frequency designed for fighters willing to lay down arms, on Wednesday.. ... Thus far, it has been used by more..

ukrainian "gift horse" drone detonates

Several members of Russian air regiment and their security service colleagues have been killed whilst inspecting Ukrainian kamikaze drone. Ukrainian military intelligence told Kyiv Post UAV was intercepted by using warfare techniques landed on the runway of Halino airfield.. ..

ukrainian refugees and their journeys home

Budapest, August 2023 Length of Stay & Assistance Report for Quarter 2 survey data, Ukrainian refugees re-entering Ukraine, either for short-term or long-term stays, are particularly in need of transportation, information, financial support and personal safety.. ... Refugees returning home to..

farmerhood seeks help for ukrainian farmers

EarthDaily Agro had the opportunity to introduce attendees to charity working to provide humanitarian relief to Ukrainian farmers. ... Konashchuk says husband, is serving in Ukrainian artillery despite having no experience in the military.. ..

opinion: remembering ukrainian poet victoria amelina

Victoria Amelina had been working with the human rights group Truth Hounds to document war crimes, and preserve the works of Ukrainian artists. She wrote for the PEN Ukraine website, Now there is real threat that Russians will execute another generation of Ukrainian this time by missiles..

enough of the ukrainian clown show!

For instance, during the 1994 election the pro- Russian, Leonid Kuchma, defeated the incumbent and Ukrainian, Leonid Kravchuk.. ... We are referring to Ukrainian referendums on the illegitimate state that Lenin, Stalin and Khrushchev built, and. ..

ukrainian strike hits crimea bridge

Ukrainian strike damaged bridge that connects Ukraine to Crimean, Russian official said on Thursday as tensions again rose over Moscow-held power plant.. The bridge connects Crimea, to part of Ukrainian of Kherson that is held by Moscow.. ..

drunken russian troops castrate ukrainian pows

Following treatment, the older of the men has returned to in Ukrainian army.. ... The Daily Mail has reported that UN experts claimed this week that Russia was also conducting mock executions, electric shock torture and hoodings on Ukrainian civilians and prisoners of war. ..

ukrainian counteroffensive underway

Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskiy speaks during joint press conference with Canada's Prime Minister Justin Trudeau Kyiv, Ukraine, on Saturday, June 10, 2023. .. Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskiy speaks during joint press conference with Canada's Prime Minister Justin Trudeau..

papal envoy meets ukrainian president

Only joint efforts, isolation, and pressure on Russia can bring peace on Ukrainian soil, .. I ask Holy See to help implement Ukrainian peace plan. Ukraine welcomes the willingness of other states and partners to find ways to peace, and since the war is on our territory the solution for..