ukrainian soldier killed in shelling

Ukrainian solder has been killed and four others injured the country's military says, as it and Russian-backed separatists blamed each other for the flare-up... ... Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskiy would convene security council meeting to discuss the latest flare-up in Donbass..

ukrainian airliner crash victims mourned

mourner cries while speaking at vigil at University of Toronto student housing for the victims of Ukrainian jet. ... Kirsty Duncan, Member of Parliament for Etobicoke-North, consoles woman at memorial for the victims of Ukrainian plane. ..

ukrainian airliner crash victims mourned

The Ukrainian International Airlines Boeing 737-800, flying to Kiev and carrying Iranians and Iranian-Canadians, crashed killing all 176 people on board.. 5 20pm GMT... ... Ukrainian International Airlines Boeing 737-800 en route to Kiev crashed and burst into flames after take-off from..

five things: ukrainian christmas

Ukrainian New Year's, falls in between, on Jan 13. 4. While he notes many Saskatchewan Ukrainian families will have exchanged gifts Makowsky says gift-giving in Orthodox tradition usually happens on the day for Saint Nicholas. ... One of Ukrainian carols is Shchedryk, New..

ukrainian flight 752

The Ukrainian International Airlines flight crashed moments after takeoff from the Iranian capital of Tehran, killing all 176 people on board. ... “'Scientifically, it is impossible that a missile hit the Ukrainian plane, and such rumours are illogical.” . . . ..

ukrainian officials open to new probes

Ukrainian officials are discussing how to improve their relationship with President Trump in the midst of tensions from the impeachment inquiry.. According to CNN report Friday, two sources who met with Ukrainian officials said that Ukrainian government is still open to announcing..

the changing dilemmas of ukrainian orthodoxy

The reasons were both domestic and international at home, the idea of Ukrainian church was controversial, and abroad, the leaders of Orthodox churches around the world were hesitant to antagonize Russian Orthodox Church.. Domestically, especially it had become unpalatable to many Ukraine that the..

ukrainian-americans must speak out

Like Tevye, Fiddler on Roof's beloved dairyman who dreamed of being rich man, my Dorothy Kwass was Ukrainian Jew. ... comedian and actor, Zelensky went from playing Ukrainian president to being voted Ukraine's head of state last May Like his in Servant of People TV series, Zelensky was..

trump: didn't coerce ukrainian

No, I did not, on the day of his visit to United Nations General Assembly when asked whether he told Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskiy that he would obtain $250 in stalled U.S aid if he agreed to investigate Bidens... ... Chris Murphy, D-Conn., member of Senate Foreign Relations Committee..

ukrainian national museum

Visitors can see dolls and mannequinsdressed in Ukrainian costumes, art, metalwork, carvings, Pysanky. ... Visitors can see dolls and mannequinsdressed in Ukrainian costumes, art, metalwork, carvings, Pysanky. ..

what is the ukrainian government's 'blacklist'?

Once identified, Ukrainian radio and broadcast companies are barred from airing any forms of entertainment involving the cultural figure.. ... Ukraine's white list features celebrities and Russian writers and musicians, who are seen as deserving of the support of Ukrainian state.. ..

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