unrwa, the greatest welfare scam ever

Israeli Army in Gaza Strip slaying thousands of Muslim Brotherhood brothers came upon evidence of UNRWA employees participating in the satanic events of October 7. ... In January, UNRWA made headlines Jew-raping, Jew-mutilating, and Jew-kidnapping, orgy of October 7. ..

why donors should not suspend aid to unrwa

By pausing or threatening to suspend their funding for, cascade of countries reacted to the news UNRWA. ... They consider any notion of reducing UNRWA's budget and services taboo, and they object to the idea of shifting any of UNRWA's responsibilities to other UN agencies,..

unrwa funding cut

This edition of Spotlight program is about the decision by the US and its allies to defund UNRWA in the middle of Israeli against the people of Gaza... ..

time to reconsider u.s. support of unrwa

During Gaza in the summer of 2014, UNRWA officials found caches of Hamas rockets stored on the grounds of three UNRWA schools, where Hamas used Palestinian civilians and UNRWA's protected U.N status to shield them from Israeli retaliation. Seek in the medium term to eliminate..