graham’s venezuela madness

The fact that he is jumping on the pro-war bandwagon for Venezuela is compelling reason by to oppose such action.. Graham's talk of threatening war with Venezuela is in that the senator was less hawkish on Venezuela than the president just few months ago. ..

what's next for venezuela?

In light of the apparent failure of this week's attempted Venezuela, Michael Shifter and Bruno Binetti wonder what's next for South American country. ... That would be outcome for the people of Venezuela, who are experiencing poverty and in what should be one of the wealthiest countries..

bacrim in venezuela

Of these, Rastrojos were once the player, controlling criminal operations along Venezuela- Colombia border. ... Unlike FARC and ELN Venezuela, BACRIM are not tolerated by Venezuelan government have been blamed for in the region.  ..


Brutality, Torture, and Political Persecution Venezuela... Severe Medical and Food Shortages, Inadequate and Repressive Government Response... ..


Socialist organizations throughout Americas unite to condemn Trump administration drive to foment Venezuela.. ... The left approaches Venezuela as choice with the government or the opposition. ..


In 2016,   Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela  had 6500 new HIV infections and 2500 AIDS-related deaths. ..

venezuela coup

While this may or may not signal that the US is seeking to invade Venezuela from its neighboring country, it does highlight the implications of Trump White House keeping all options on the table when it comes to Venezuela.. ... The sanctions the US put in place this week against..


U.S has imposed embargo on oil from Venezuela's state-run oil company.. ... Reactions to the landslide win of opposition groups Venezuela's congressional elections.. ..


U.S has imposed embargo on oil from Venezuela's state-run oil company.. ... The Obama administration is facing criticism across Latin America for leveling new sanctions against Venezuela and declaring the country an unusual and extraordinary threat to national security... ..

uvu venezuela

Updated Jan 30, 2019 08 04 AM MST... uvu venezuela... BRUSSELS - The Latest on Brexit negotiations ( all times. 2 hours ago... ..

trump’s venezuela fiasco

Even those who would like to see change of Venezuela should reject any notion that the change must be helped by United States. The goal of US sanctions and other economic measures against Venezuela is to make life so miserable for average citizens that they rise up and overthrow their..

violence in venezuela

As if things weren’t bad enough already in Venezuela, yesterday, opposition leader Juan Guaido, after several days of skirmishes and an attempted army coup, declared himself interim President outside the Miraflores Presidential Palace. ..


By armed group over Venezuela has reinforced its border with Colombia with more troops after three Venezuelan soldiers died in November 2018.. ... Neighbouring countries say Venezuela must return to order to stem the flow of people. ..

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