eln in venezuela

ELN is not thought to have fronts that are based Venezuela, using the country as base to coordinate operations and stay out of reach of Colombian security forces.. ... Venezuela has become less welcoming for ELN and FARC since Juan Manuel Santos became president of Colombia in 2010 and..


By armed group over Venezuela has reinforced its border with Colombia with more troops after three Venezuelan soldiers died in November 2018.. ... Neighbouring countries say Venezuela must return to order to stem the flow of people. ..

what the crisis in venezuela reveals

Venezuela is twice the size of Iraq, has as many as 100,000 armed citizens, and is riddled with Cuban intelligence officers assisting the regime. ... I keep returning to I have raised and recent months How much worse do things Venezuela have to become before the world would be prepared..

whoa: is venezuela behind the caravan?

During Oval Office meeting with President Trump on Tuesday afternoon, Vice President Mike Pence implied Venezuela may be behind the 7,000 person strong caravan moving north toward United States. .. By leftist organizations and financed by, He told me that the caravan that is now making its way..


Caracas, Venezuela One of the most urbanized cities,  in one of the most urbanized countries,  in one of the most urbanized regions of the world. . In Venezuela, we have in particular history of environmental disasters, of dwellings that are dangerously unstable because of the rains. ..

venezuela: systematic abuses of opponents

The widespread vicious abuses against government opponents Venezuela, including egregious cases of torture, responsibility at the highest levels, said José Miguel Vivanco, Americas at Human Rights Watch.. ... In April 2017, tens of thousands of people took to Venezuela to protest..


LIMA Pedro Sanchez, speaking on his first tour of Latin America promised to support any effort to use Venezuela to end economic and political crisis that he said had worried him... ... VALENCIA, Venezuela About 100 workers protested outside tyre Pirelli's Venezuela plant on..

Prayers — and food — for Venezuela

The church plans to use its contacts Venezuela to ship packages of vitamins, medicine and non-perishable, high-nutrition, yogurt-like food to members of Churches of Christ there. ... About 900 miles north of West Broward, Brentwood Hills Church of Christ Nashville, Tenn., also shares close ties..

Trinidad, Venezuela sign gas agreement

It may over time also allow us to look at the expansion of the sector and investments there, journalists on the flight back from Venezuela.. ... Rowley said the pipeline carrying the gas from Venezuela's Dragon Gas field Eastern Venezuela to Shell's Hibiscus off North Coast..

Venezuela crisis

Health workers shout slogans demanding fair and higher wages during protest for the lack of medicines, medical supplies and poor conditions in hospitals, in front of the headquarters of Episcopal Conference Caracas.. ..

nigeria, venezuela, marlins park

Nigeria, Venezuela tickets on Monday.. Wo not be hearing that much longer at Marlins Park, except rather the thump of soccer ball.. ... For Venezuela there is pick of the youngsters who excelled at Egypt 2009 are Yohandry Orozco and Salomon Rondon, both of. ..

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