venezuela expels 'conspiratorial' meps

Venezuela has denied entry to five pro-opposition MEPs which its minister, Jorge Arreaza, accused of provocation and conspiratorial aims.. ... Most EU states have backed Venezuela's Juan Guaido to take power and hold elections, Europe's bid to end Venezuela's political and..

eln in venezuela

ELN is not thought to have fronts that are based Venezuela, using the country as base to coordinate operations and stay out of reach of Colombian security forces.. ... Venezuela has become less welcoming for ELN and FARC since Juan Manuel Santos became president of Colombia in 2010 and..

venezuela: poster child for socialism

While over the past decade journalists like Michael Moore, politicians like Bernie Sanders and economists like Joseph Stiglitz have praised the so-called socialist economic miracle Venezuela, with hyperinflation now leading to starvation and millions fleeing the country, it's inarguable that these..

venezuela: risk of invasion

Over the weekend 2-3 February, thousands of protestors gathered in rival demonstrations on the streets of Venezuela's, Caracas.. ... On 31 January, Guaidó gave speech outlining his national plan for Venezuela, in. ..

venezuela coup

While this may or may not signal that the US is seeking to invade Venezuela from its neighboring country, it does highlight the implications of Trump White House keeping all options on the table when it comes to Venezuela.. ... The sanctions the US put in place this week against..


U.S has imposed embargo on oil from Venezuela's state-run oil company.. ... The Obama administration is facing criticism across Latin America for leveling new sanctions against Venezuela and declaring the country an unusual and extraordinary threat to national security... ..

uvu venezuela

Updated Jan 30, 2019 08 04 AM MST... uvu venezuela... BRUSSELS - The Latest on Brexit negotiations ( all times. 2 hours ago... ..

let's talk about venezuela

Maduro is getting support from Bolivia, China, Russia, and Cuba, as WaPo reports   Pressure mounts on Venezuela's Maduro as European Union demands new elections.. ... In regards to Cuba's, the NYT  With Spies and Other Operatives, Nation Looms Over Venezuela's Crisis Cuba.. ..


Venezuela's self-proclaimed president and Juan Guaido and his supporters thrust pamphlets offering amnesty into the hands of soldiers on Sunday, part of strategy to win over allies of President Nicolas Maduro to transitional government. 2 18am GMT... ..


Brutality, Torture, and Political Persecution Venezuela... Severe Medical and Food Shortages, Inadequate and Repressive Government Response... ... Venezuela is facing human rights and humanitarian crisis that President Maduro's administration denies is happening. ..

violence in venezuela

As if things weren’t bad enough already in Venezuela, yesterday, opposition leader Juan Guaido, after several days of skirmishes and an attempted army coup, declared himself interim President outside the Miraflores Presidential Palace. ..

venezuela crisis:

Venezuela's government said on Monday it had suppressed revolt as video posted online showed sergeant demanding the removal of Mr Maduro... ... While Venezuela has the largest proven oil reserves, in prices coupled with corruption and mismanagement under two decades of socialist rule..

un / venezuela

I think the events over the weekend, including his temporary detainment, highlights the polarization that we seeing Venezuela. ... United Nations Secretary-General António Guterres is following events Venezuela and remains concerned about the situation there, today .. ..

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