whatsapp and instagram to be renamed

By changing the names of both services to reflect its ownership, Facebook is going to rename Instagram and WhatsApp Facebook is exerting its control over WhatsApp and Instagram.. ... 'However, today on Instagram you have to use Direct, and on WhatsApp you have to use..

facebook, instagram, whatsapp down

Facebook, Instagram and WhatsApp are down... All three media platforms, including Facebook Messenger, were not loading as of early Sunday morning.. ... Facebook acquired Instagram in 2012 and WhatsApp in 2014.. There are more according to the network's website.. ..

indonesia: prison for whatsapp messages

WhatsApp messages are four short sentences, Javanese language, sent on June 23, 2017, separately to two bankers Jakarta Eximbank Indonesia and Bank Negara Indonesia officials that questioned the credibility of Pista Textile, textile company that makes sarongs.. ..

what’s up with whatsapp

WhatsApp does not sell ad space and monetisation of this platform is on the horizon, except there are number of ways marketers can utilise the audience and engagement rates of WhatsApp.. Marketers are using WhatsApp messenger campaigns within Facebook ads platform to start..

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