china replaces xinjiang communist party chief chen

Chen, 66, is member of China's politburo and is considered to be the senior official responsible for the security crackdown Xinjiang. ... President Joe Biden signed into law ban on imports from Xinjiang over concerns about forced labour, provoking Chinese condemnation.. ..

intel apologizes over letter addressing us sanctions on

The conflict follows passage of US law that bans all imports from Xinjiang in response to concerns over the use of forced labor and other human rights abuses against ethnic minority.. ... New US sanctions targeting Xinjiang have put Intel at the crosshairs of conflict between Washington..

video reveals hikvision cameras surveilling xinjiang

By Charles Rollet, Published Nov 29, 2021, 07 15am EST A YouTube of Xinjiang's detention camps shows Hikvision cameras, providing further evidence of the firm's ties to the facilities.. ... By providing direct visual evidence of Hikvision camp cameras, this YouTube video means the company will..

uk independent body: china committed genocide in xinjiang

Tribunal chair Geoffrey Nice said the genocide ruling was based on evidence that Chinese government's forced birth control and sterilization policies targeting Uyghurs in the far western Xinjiang province were intended to destroy significant part of the population. ... In Turkey, Semsinur Gafur,..

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