yale beats maravich!

On December 30th, 1969, in the championship of Rainbow Classic Honolulu, Yale upset LSU and its legendary guard, Pete Maravich. ... On the floor that day for Yale was McLaren, sophomore guard enjoying his first season in varsity uniform.. ..

yale scientists show actin in action

By Bill Hathaway, Yale University March 10, 2019.. Actin is the second most protein on earth, and scientists have detailed the chemistry that enables it to string together into filaments that support the structures for contraction and other cell movements. ... Yale scientists Steve Chou..

yale environment 360

October 25, 2017    Yale Environment 360. With New Peace, Colombia Finds Hope for Saving Its Wild Lands. ... April 14, 2017    Yale Environment 360. The Strange Case of Liana Vine and Its Role in Global Warming. ..

yale slammed on local hiring promise

That's why the campaign for good jobs has been marching on said Dixwell Kelcy Steele, echoing his Martin Luther King Day remarks holding Yale to its promise... Yale has bought up bunch of Dixwell to construct the new colleges and Science Park, displacing or destroying black and brown..

yale students who protested against kavanaugh sue

Yale University Alleging widespread sexual harassment and sexual abuse at nine Yale University fraternities, three female undergraduate students have sued Ivy League university, claiming it knew about the in those fraternities and did nothing to address it.. ... By attending fraternity..

yale school of architecture

Deborah Berke, FAIA, incoming Dean of Yale School of Architecture will address Dallas Architecture Forum on April 13. Irwin Miller Symposium, Constructed World, is convened by Joyce Hsiang and Bimal Mendis with the exhibition, City of Billion, at Yale School of Architecture. ..

rethinking liberal arts yale-nus, minerva

The director of the common curriculum, Terry Nardin, professor of science at Yale- NUS and NUS, scholar of European theory, said faculty members everywhere are reluctant to teach things that are strange, and admitted finding the learning curve steep when preparing to teach about Asian political..

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