about the killing of zawahiri

Zawahiri assumed his duties in 2011 following the killing of the leader of the organization, Osama bin Laden, also Pakistan. ... Egyptian Armed Forces also confronted Zawahiri's forces who sought to establish Islamic emirate in Sinai Peninsula. ..

ayman al-zawahiri: taliban sheltering ayman

NEW DELHI The revelation that slain al-Qaida Ayman Zawahiri was living in Taliban safe house. ... Haqqani network tried to Zawahiri NEW YORK Members of the terror group Haqqani network tried to conceal that al-Qaida Ayman al- Zawahiri was at safe house Kabul media report said on..

us strike kills al-qaeda leader ayman al-zawahiri

Ayman al-Zawahiri, 71, became the leader of al-Qaeda from June 2011 until his death July 2022. Al-Zawahiri was Egyptian-born physician and theologian.. According to DW and Al Jazeera, al-Qaeda Ayman al-Zawahiri was considered one of the masterminds behind September 11 attacks...

zawahiri: co-opting syria's revolution

In the clip, Glory of East Begins with Damascus, Zawahiri paints America as responsible for pulling the strings of Syria's regime. ... Such warming would be consistent with Zawahiri's first statement as al-Qaida's leader, where he pledged, we offer our hands and open our hearts to..

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