anne frank via zoom

But rather Ellen Fenster got creative and rallied the troupe to put on Zoom of Anne Frank, made for stage in 1955.. ... The 10-member cast had already been practicing lines using Zoom, ion to go virtual rather than let the curtain fall.. ..

can you trust zoom?

Noted Bruce Schneier wrote, in blog post about Zoom security risks and encryption models, you should either lock Zoom down as best you can, or, abandon the platform altogether until it's verified that Zoom has overhauled its encryption and security model.. ... On Wednesday..

darkow: easter on zoom

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zoom hacks and tips

While everyone is self-isolating to stop the spread of COVID-19 (coronavirus), Zoom calls with coworkers are on the rise. . ... This creates a video input you can set your Zoom webcam to use, rather than an actual live feed coming through the lens. ..

zoom muppets

Zoom's end-to-end encryption is not actually end-to-end at all. Good thing PM is not using it for Cabinet calls. Apparently that first-ever digital Cabinet used the remote conferencing system that we lesser mortals use for local party committee meetings during Zoom.. ..

what zoom doesn’t understand about the zoom

Zoom, the app company, rocketed to prominence schooling, and socializing at home. ... This means that the connection between Zoom app running on computer or phone and Zoom's server is encrypted in the same way the connection between your browser and this article is encrypted. ..

zoom meeting

And people, companies, and outlets have shared stories of unwanted intruders in, primarily, Zoom meetings.. ... For security step, use Zoom in browser rather recommends Electronic Frontier Foundation Director Eva Galperin.. ..

zoom goes public

But Zoom increased the range to $32 to $35 last week, and yesterday announced it would be pricing IPO at $36 per share. ... This product expansion is turning Zoom into more of platform, with suite of products that work together, ... ..

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