burning down the house

Absorption of CO2 has already made the 30 percent more acidic, with pH expected to decline well beyond what fish and other marine organisms can tolerate by the end of this century, citing another paper. ..

container gardening with poppies and petunias

Petunias require well-draining, aerated and slightly acidic soil. Potting soil works well, especially if you mix it with a little peat moss, to lower the pH levels. . ... Poppies enjoy a neutral to slightly acidic pH. They require excellent drainage but rich soil - a..

bacterial vaginosis: diagnosis and treatment

It also keeps the environment at an acidic pH. . BV is a mild infection in the vagina which develops when there's an imbalance between the good bacteria. . . . . ... 'You can develop BV at any time, but it's more likely to occur if your vagina, (which is an acidic environment) is..


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