tiktok woman claims she speaks ‘alien language’

Mafe Walker, who introduces herself as a 'medium, a magician, a multidimensional being with a telepathic guide to a galactic portal', often films herself speaking a mixture of Spanish, English, Borucas, and gibberish sounds, claiming 'she speaks the language of aliens'.  . ... Claiming sure..

inside a dying japanese town obsessed with aliens

Now a key researcher at Iino’s UFO lab, Kinoshita believes aliens tried to make contact with him to let him know they exist. ... To Kanno, collecting such data could prove that aliens exist. “In this world, in the wide universe, I’m sure there’s some type of..

out-of-this-world predictions for 2022

Back in 2021 a former Israeli space security chief came out stating that aliens exist and the US government has been talking to them. . ... Everything he does is reactive, and I theorise that Space Force was Trump’s idiotic response to the existential angst caused by finding out..

encounter (2021)

However, whether aliens exist or not is decidedly not the point to Encounter, which simultaneously sees the reliably exceptional Riz Ahmed as a sensitive and caring father as he makes up for lost time bonding with his children on the road, and a short fuse occasionally turning his anger and..


Mars ...

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