the problem of nationalism

Oh, I do not mean that kind of nationalism, why would you want to associate tradition of American patriotism, pride, and American exceptionalism at all with the various nationalisms that have occurred in the world. ... That brings me to the idea of American..


For this week's of Crosscut Talks podcast, former Secretary of Defense Robert Gates discusses what the rise of China means for American exceptionalism and how the country might best navigate the new global terrain... ..

playwright arthur miller: the crucible v american

Red Scare Hysteria: The Crucible Demythologizes American Exceptionalism” preceding post: “ Arthur Miller Movies: 2 Dysfunctional Family Dramas Depict the Shattered ‘American Dream’.” . . ... Red Scare Hysteria: The Crucible Demythologizes American..

undermining american exceptionalism

Undermining American Exceptionalism . By Rev. Michael P. Orsi | October 12, 2020 | 3:22pm EDT . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . ... Indeed, American Exceptionalism took a sharp blow with the recent presidential debate. . ..

the other side of american exceptionalism

opposing view to the version that is sold to Americans can be argued from the same standpoint, that of American Exceptionalism, to yield version with historical relevance.. ... By having chosen 1776, and instead of building from set of professed ideals incorporated in founding documents..

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