the uproar over biden’s choice to run the usda

Then there’s the case of Shirley Sherrod, the USDA official who lost her job after Andrew Breitbart published a deceptively edited speech of hers that made her comments appear racist, leading people across the political spectrum, from Bill O’Reilly to NAACP leader Ben Jealous, to condemn..

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There is more and beyond that, we learn more about the news website that Bannon helped spearhead into infamy,  Breitbart News. We also learn about Andrew Breitbart and his in Anthony Weiner scandal, amongst other big news stories over the past half-a-decade or so. ..


By people who insist that he would not have allowed his media outlet to have become sort of house organ of the, The legacy of Andrew Breitbart, the founder of Breitbart News Network, has been invoked during this election cycle, mainly Donald Trump campaign. ..

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