bill kristol calls for trump's impeachment, agrees

Meet the Press on Tuesday, neoconservative political analyst William Kristol, better known as Bill Kristol, agreed with 2020 Presidential Elizabeth Warren's call to begin impeachment proceedings against President Donald Trump.. ...  saying, I never thought I'd say this, Todd..

prison » giuliani blasts bill kristol

President Donald Trump's Rudy Giuliani ripped neocon Bill Kristol for joking about his dropping out of New York Senate race against  Hillary Clinton, as New York mayor cut his campaign short due to cancer treatment... ... As bullies do when confronted by stronger person https

democratic underground

Ever this forum has been inundated with these types of posts concerning Rick Wilson, Nicole Wallace, Steve Schmidt, and even Bill Kristol forfuckssake. ... Ana Navarro, Steve Schmidt, Nicole Wallace, Kurt Bardella, Jennifer Rubin, David Frum, Bill Kristol, Rick Wilson,..


Trump ...

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