the jewish history of rome

The concept of the “Pope’s Jews” was based on Christian dogma that requires Jews to continue to exist as “Witness People” to the “Second Coming” as an explanation as to why Jews continue to exist. . ..

is divorce ever biblical? - dr. roger barrier

The husband who refuses to get order to meet the needs of his is worse than non- Christian. the principle here comes from It's not good for man to be alone.. Remember that there is God heaven who specializes in bringing hope to the hopeless and healing to the hurting.. ..

the american muslim (tam)

It was formulated in West, in particular, by Plato, by Meister Eckhart in Christian world, and is also to be found Islam with Sufism. The theme or principle of Schuon's writings was foreshadowed in his early encounter with Black marabout. ..

jack waterford

It did not begin with large buildings, large religious orders, or centralised church control of institutions around the Christian world. . . . . It was, rather, a practical manifestation of the fundamental Christian principle of loving thy neighbour. ..


Almere ...

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