feel the power of the great american pyramid

It has been called the “Tomb of Doom” and is rumored to have been cursed by the removal of a crystal skull. ... Thinking About the Pyramid: An (Un)Called-for Proposal With this in mind, we may perhaps envision the Pyramid as an ideal site for what Gregory Ulmer describes as an 'abject..

35 best mindfulness gifts for yogis (2019)

Price: $69.99 Quartz Crystal Singing Pyramid . Shop now at Amazon From Amazon This quartz pyramid is a beautiful yet minimalist meditation chime for people who enjoy quiet, focused meditation. . ... This quartz crystal pyramid comes with a suede mallet and red rope for..

keeping it ghastly: mantis woman

Yes, while most kids couldn’t be bothered or would be too scared to swim in a pool allegedly haunted by a dead girl I like to imagine that the kids in Mantis Woman are actually thinking what most adults think when they hear someone go on about how aliens built the pyramids or when they hear someone..

thirty years on ...

Did someone place a crystal skull in the apex of the Pyramid? Are all furries perverts? ... The Pyramid and the Crystal Skull . In late 1991, The Pyramid was new and exciting. ..

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