20 of the best fruits and veggies to feed your dog

. “… Cranberries can improve your dog’s bladder health, reduce tartar and plaque buildup, fight bacteria, and help prevent cancer, among other benefits.” ... Cucumber . Credit: sommail/Getty Images . Maybe cucumber pieces don’t sound like much of a treat to you, but there are many..

green lemonade

This green-apple lemonade uses spinach to add more nutritional benefits.. ... Press lemon, spinach, cucumber, and apples through extractor. Forgive me for being stupid for moment, and I, too, will not be using juicer for the period, so do I have to adjust the recipe to make smoothie. ..

what is chayote squash and how do you cook it?

Chayote squash looks like and has the crunchy texture of unripe pear, yet it has a mild, almost cucumber-like flavor, like less-sweet spaghetti squash. ... What are the health benefits of chayote? . Similar to other fruits, chayote (also affectionately known as cho-cho) is high in..

top 20 healthy salad toppings

These vegetables are packed with fiber and plant compounds that offer health benefits. . One study in 422 young adults found that eating raw vegetables — including carrots, lettuce, spinach and cucumber — was associated with good mental health and mood (1). . . . . ..

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