using debate as an educational tool

Only in a dictatorship does everyone have to agree” (pp. 87–88). . . Debate as an Educational Tool . Given Litan’s definition, it comes as no surprise that debate is one of the most comprehensive speaking formats for addressing standards across all grade levels. ..


In Vatican officials placed unique symbols of his pontificate inside his cypress casket, along with Latin describing his ascent to Chair of St. ..

chile votes to approve or reject a new constitution

/n The draft up for vote on September 4th buries the neoliberal system that has ruled Chile since the dictatorship and advances towards social state of law with presence of the citizenry.. /n It includes the definition of Chile as plurinational state, recognizes the rights of indigenous..

how watergate informs us today

This is the definition of a dictatorship. . This bears repeating: The current leader of the Republican Party in the United States aspires to be a dictator and actively engaged in a conspiracy to overturn the Constitution, cheat American voters and declare himself the leader of the country. ...

dictators in the classrooms

The act describes a totalitarian party as an “organization which advocates the establishment in the United States of a totalitarian dictatorship or totalitarianism.” Such a definition does not include Gnassingbé, nor the monarchs of Jordan, Bahrain, Bhutan and Tonga, nor their children...

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