tuesday’s forum

It remains to be seen how FTC will act, and with potentially major changes on the horizon, we heard from people who've run into difficulties trying to repair high-tech equipment everything from farming equipment to wheelchairs and other medical devices. ..

how julia alvarez wrote her many selves into existence

So out of necessity, you're needing to make yourself up, because the self that's getting put on you doesn't fit, and you will start to wither and die if you just cramped yourself into that definition. . Growing up in a very patriarchal, machista culture in the 50s in the Dominican Republic in a..

lenin at 150

With vivid clarity he defined how essentially the bourgeois state was fundamentally a bourgeois dictatorship. . Lenin’s direct and simple definition of the State is that “the State is a special organisation of force: it is an organisation of violence for the suppression of some..

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