voyagers review

Written and directed by Neil Burger (Divergent, Limitless), Voyagers has the makings of a well-meaning message all burrito'd up in a science-fiction casing, a time-honored trick of the genre, but it also has the trappings of a project that doesn't know when to hold back and trust its..

leslie hill

Professor Hill’s recent book “Nancy, Blanchot: A Serious Controversy” analyses the two thinkers contrasting interpretations of German Romanticism and their divergent approaches to the contradictory legacy of Christianity: . “The meaning or meanings of “community”…have travelled..

promoting study in the usa in trying times

silver lining in the protests that have occurred in all 50 states of the US is that people of different races and from divergent walks of life have been radicalised in the true meaning of the word, borrowed in the century from Late Latin radicalis, meaning relating to or affecting the..


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