This morning I witnessed off leash doodle harassing and nipping at bird who had come on to shore to pass. By demand and was chasing the dog while it continued to yelp and nip at the bird. ..

wordle copycats stand to make lots of money

We’ve seen this spinoff phenomenon before: The doodle-ization of the dog world, for example, which according to PetCarePlus began in 1969 when with the breeding of the first Goldendoodle (a mix of the hypoallergenic standard Poodle and the Golden Retriever), followed by other half-poodle..

dog saves baby deer from drowning

instance had occurred in the state of Virginia in the US last year where golden doodle named Harley saved fawn from drowning in the lake. His Ralph had shared the incident on his Facebook his dog checked on the fawn later as well.  . ..


Alabama ...

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