continuing ed — with edward snowden

I was in American Intelligence Community, CIA and NSA, secret, been turned toward the construction of history's first truly global system of mass surveillance machine dedicated to building perfect and permanent records of our private lives.. ..

rich lowry: don’t pardon edward snowden

So, it makes sense that advocates of Edward Snowden, the man for the most damaging classified leak U.S history, mounting last-minute push to get the president. ... Surely, Trump will be bombarded with bad ideas in the final days of his presidency, and pardoning Edward..

edward snowden now: where is he today in 2020?

Edward Snowden is trending on Twitter Saturday, August 15, 2020.. The time we heard White House considering pardon was 2016, on balance, my work in exposing NSA's unconstitutional system of mass surveillance had been public service. https fAseViVwAx — Edward..

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