the fairness doctrine

One such obligation was Fairness Doctrine, beyond those of the licensees and those they favored, were heard on the airwaves.. ... it was in that spirit that FRC, in 1928, first gave words to formulation that would become known as Fairness Doctrine, due regard for the..

it's no secret why republicans win

That built-in base allowed media to survive the colony collapse of in the century, and to thrive — especially after the elimination of Federal Communication Commission's Fairness Doctrine in 1987 opened up the radio for the proliferation of right-wing voices.. ..

web of regulation

In United States of America, there existed Federal Communications Commission regulation called 'Fairness Doctrine This doctrine made it mandatory for broadcasters radio and TV to present diverse opinions on all issues. ..

fox news->breitbart->stormfront

But Fairness Doctrine's repeal did lead to the rise of Rush Limbaugh and other right-wing talk radio. And concurrent changes to rules about consolidation leads to conglomerates like Sinclair Broadcasting, safe from rebuttal due to Fairness Doctrine's repeal. posted by..


United States ...

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