NY Times, False Equivalence Between Hamas and Israeli Rockets. New Israeli Milestone Reveals Farce of the Guardian's BDS Obsession. ..

40 good reasons trump must go

PS: And here’s James Fallows on the mainstream media’s falling into the false equivalency trap again, directed by Trump. ... The stuffy way to put this problem is “false equivalence.” The casual way to put it is “But what about her emails?” ..

"we should stop using republican talking points"

I remember hearing the phrase bully pulpit about million times during the push to ACA and even because Dems calling press conference to advocate for anything means the week of the news cycle is just hot takes and false equivalency. posted by at 7 54 AM on August 14... ..

rep. himes accuses republicans of a false

Jim Himes Sunday accused Republicans of creating a false equivalency between accusations that President Donald Trump pressured Ukraine to investigate a political rival and former Vice President Joe Biden's public posture toward that same country during the Obama administration. . . . ..


Minneapolis ...

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