erdogan says attack on iraq's dohuk a false-flag

Erdogan Says Attack on Iraq's Dohuk False-Flag Terrorist Act. July 25, 2022July 25, 2022 Categories News Iraq, Turkey Blamed on Turkey, last week's attack on Dohuk, Iraqi Kurdistan continues to worsen ties, with Iraq complaining to UN Security Council about the expansionist goals of..

no, the uvalde school shooting wasn’t a false flag

Amid the grief and online there were baseless claims that have become in the wake of mass shootings that this was flag operation... Those directing false flags know the emotional response from Buffalo shooting is wearing down for the sheep, one tweet said, referencing the shooting at..

russia’s false flag fact-checking.

The war against truth has entered its most diabolical phase: false flag fact-checking.  ... By contrast, false flag fact-checkers can use real photographs or videos and draw true conclusions—making them trickier to debunk—but then lie about the deployment of those..

russia’s false flag attack in ukraine

Russia’s false flag attack in Ukraine . . . Issued on: 23/02/2022 - 21:49 . . ... A media specialised in putting the spotlight on Russian disinformation has highlghted a false flag attack in eastern Ukraine that pro-Russian media outlets were pinning on Kiev. ..

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