michigan: flint water civil lawsuit opens

Flint's water crisis began in 2014 when manager switched the city's drinking water supply from Lake Huron water treated Detroit to Flint River water treated at Flint Water Treatment Plant. In November 2021, Judge Levy approved $626.25-million settlement for claims against the State of..

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witness saw the officer bleeding from his neck and nearby at Flint, Michigan... # michigan - Wednesday June, 2017. # Flint # Flint Head of Michigan department charged with manslaughter over city's lead-contaminated water. Nick Lyon is accused..

former michigan gov. engler says flint

FLINT, MI -- One former Michigan governor says another former governor should no longer face criminal charges related to Flint water crisis.. ... By collecting potential evidence through search warrants without the assistance of taint team, More recently, Snyder's..


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