new england wants grid to switch to carbon-free

New England Wants Grid to Switch to Carbon-Free Energy ASAP . Senators from the region are pushing for the electric grid operator to reduce greenhouse gases, but progress is slow. ... (TNS) — Anxieties about accelerating climate change are less global and more local as U.S. senators from..


NPR's Mary Louise talks with Jennifer Layke, director of the energy program at World Resources Institute, about Google's aspirations to power all its operations with carbon-free energy.. ..


Led to the theory of value à Marx and communism, death, destruction, impoverishment, Cold War, the nuclear arms race, and the lack of clean and Thorium fission reactors instead of Uranium Carbon-free, energy, no waste, no meltdowns admittedly this is counterfactual, and thus..


Next up we had two guests with Tampa Electric Company and one with Duke Energy about their Free Energy Audit Program. ... Also, we talked about the vouchers and other free stuff TECO and Duke provide for their customers.. ..

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