the new york times on ukraine: vietnam déjà vu

The Times hailed the Tonkin Gulf resolution in 1964 as proof of 'our united determination to support the cause of freedom in Southeast Asia … against the mad adventure by the North Vietnamese Communists … United States determination to assure the independence of South Vietnam,..

foreign policy bipartisanship’s mixed blessings

The Gulf of Tonkin Resolution passed Senate 88-2, the authorization for the use of military force Iraq passed Senate 77-23, and congressional leaders in both parties for decades stood firm on Afghanistan policies that in the end saw questionable progress and Taliban back in..

why paulson blundered

Had President Lyndon Johnson not sensed the barrels of three rifles aimed at the back of his neck, he would probably not have permitted the fraud of the 1964 “Gulf of Tonkinresolution, and the economy would have remained more or less sound. . ..

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